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Therapist sent me to substance abuse class.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by fairy boots, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Apparently the practice won't accept people who smoke herb if they don't go to the class.

    Tomorrow I am officially going to get diagnosed but she thinks I have OCD, GAD, ADD, and depression.

    Medications never work, I don't know if I should even talk about smoking anymore around her, what should I do? :(

    Smoking helps me sleep. I guess I should just quit until I can move to a medical state ... in three to four years. (I'm still in college).
  2. fuck it. do you really need to see a shrink in the first place?
  3. your therapist can't order you to do anything.
    I went to therapy once when i was under 18 and told her about all my substance abuse that was(is) far worse than just weed.
    Weed is non-addictive, even less so than SSRI's or the other drugs they prescribe for all those other conditions.
    Sounds like she is just pushing shitty drugs on you, i told my doctor no thanks i'll keep the pot...
  4. Wtf when I went to a therapist I was in high school and openly talked about smoking quite a bit with mine she never made me take a class or anything just talked about stuff really and I was told I had 3 of those. That's weird though that she's making you go to those classes. I told her non of the medicines I took really did much nowhere near as much as weed.

  5. this pretty much sums it up. I would find a new therapist.
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    I wouldn't have brought it up in the first place. Alot of people in the psych field tend to jump right on drug use as a problem relating to mental health. They want to get any distractions out of the way for your treatment, or they are being lazy in their diagnosis and blaming the marijuana for the cause of the issue at hand. Which in some cases would be like a mechanic telling me I have problems with my radio because I use four wheel drive too much.

    In this case it just seems like the policy of the place you are getting treated. Since you already told them you smoke you pretty much have to go through a rehab program to get treated. I'd personaly find another therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. If you go with one that has a private practice then you can talk about weed all you want. If you go with another in-patient/out-patient network just don't mention the weed.

    Edit below.

    Therapist isn't ordering anything. He has to go into a program if he wants treatment at that facility, because they apperantly have a policy on treating drug users. Seems like they would rather work with clean slates. Also sounds like he got caught up in some company policy or insurance bureaucracy, and not some crazy therapist trying to manipulate patients into rehab.
  7. This one is the closest and I can't really drive anywhere. I really do need to be in therapy and she told me it is their policy to send anyone who has tried any illegal substance to a class. It just really freaks me out to have to go to a drug class. I don't want to talk to the guy there. I wish I could just take some pamphlets and say "thank you" and be on my way. :(
  8. I'd find a new therapist before you end up indoctrinated into the cult of NA.
  9. I'd ask to look at their policy in writing. They shouldn't be able to make you go.
  10. id go to another therapist.
  11. Zomg a drug class, run for the hills!

    People, he doesn't have to accept what's taught, jesus.

    If you want to see this therapist and it's their rule, just do it.
  12. Have any of you guys gone to a drug class before, do you know what it is like?
  13. If you feel you need to see a therapist, see one.

    If the therapist gives you flack about your using cannabis, you can start with these-

    OCD-? (and FYI- dronabinol is just a synthetic THC pill.)

    Improvement in Refractory Obsessive Compulsive Disorder With Dronabinol
    (letter - 2008) \tPsychiatryOnline | American Journal of Psychiatry | Improvement in Refractory Obsessive Compulsive Disorder With Dronabinol

    GAD? You should be using cannabis with a high CBD level and taking Omega 3 and "B" and "E" vitamins! (If I explain why, this will get really long! Just trust me! :D )

    Cannabidiol, a Cannabis sativa constituent, as an anxiolytic drug. (full – 2012)
    Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria - Cannabidiol, a Cannabis sativa constituent, as an anxiolytic drug

    ADD? Here's the opinions of 2 doctors-

    Autism, ADD, ADHD and Marijuana Therapy (news - 2008) - Preserving Ancient Knowledge

    Dr. Jean Talleyrand Says Marijuana Safer than Ritalin for ADHD Teens (news – 2010)
    Dr. Jean Talleyrand Says Marijuana Safer than Ritalin for ADHD Teens - Vitals Spotlight

    There is a lot more in my List. Send me an email. (see the bottom of my sig) I send it in PDF form, but I do have it in WORD, too. Hotmail users will get it in 2 pieces- hotmail says my list is too big! lol

    Granny :wave:
  14. Or you could chose a different one? Sounds like she laid the illnesses on kinda thick, probably not a bad idea to find another and get a second opinion. Along with a practice that isnt so strict.
  15. If you have a Rec. and an MD following your Meds., green or not then the therapist is out of bounds and you need to say so clearly and politely. My Psychiatrist is tickled pink that that I have found an antidepressant that works and that he does not have to fight me to get me to take it on a regular basis.
  16. What do you mean by rec? Record or recommendation?

    I'm not sure if the therapist actually likes or dislikes smoking. She just told me that it is their policy to send me to a class. The next I see her is in September.

    I go to the drug class today, I wonder how many people they get that don't smoke tobacco cigarettes or drink? I literally only smoke weed and I usually don't smoke, I vape. I hardly think what I'm doing is harmful in any way.
  17. I went there and the person I talked to was actually very nice. She told me my actions didn't appear harmful and she didn't even know why the therapist sent me there. I asked her if it were legal if her opinions would change and she told me "well then you could use it and it wouldn't be illegal". I'm not sure that answered my question but it did make me want legal cannabis more here.
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    My therapists and all that knew all about my substance shit and i was like 14..
    I don't know how she can do that.

    And a rec is a reccomendation,
  19. My therapist just tells me "you better not be high for our next session, I want to see the REAL you." or some bullshit like that...

    Tried going in sober once, it was like pulling teeth.
  20. They proved that smoking weed is an effective truth serum. I don't think, after smoking weed, you get any more real.

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