Theory: Vanilla Extract & Whole Bean Infusion

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  1. I read about this early on in my research, so I am afraid I don't know who to credit here but I wanted to throw a hypothetical at ya.

    Lets say you have a plant you want to harvest and "infuse" a vanilla aroma in it. I have heard of depriving the plant of water before harvest, and adding a final watering of pure vanilla extract and water dilution.

    Do you think if you watered a somewhat thirsty plant 1-2 days before harvest with a mix of 8oz pure vanilla extract to 1 gallon water, what would it do to the plant?

    *** Please keep in mind, the vanilla extract is 40% ABV, but diluted is about .5%.

    I am concerned, because a buddy told me he tried using a carbohydrate too close to harvest and it left the harvest where it was very hard to light and had a bad taste.

    The post said that the vanilla does not stay in the plant long term, and so I'm afraid by running another flush before harvest it will make it a waste of time.

  2. My last run I flushed with peppermint extract and water. You could smell the peppermint while it was drying and curing. It did have a hint of mint but I only used a few drops per gallon.
  3. I was reading up on this just yesterday, & want to infuse my first batch with vanilla also.
    So far, it seems that a tablespoon of extract per gallon for the last 2-4 days is enough.
    Using a little common sense, I would wait to do this after flushing for a week.
  4. Not exactly what your talking about but, ive ran across a few friends of mine how use nasty tasting trim and buds and making hash. Since its gross they've been adding essence oils to add a little flavor to the dabs.

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