Theory that MEXICAN seeds are the BEST growing?

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  1. OK. I have an interesting theory.

    So Mexicans have been growing marijuana for decades... They are probably responsible for most of the marijuana that has circulated through the United States over the past 60 years. Not to mention they MASS PRODUCE that shit. So after all this growing and growing... You'd think that they must have learned some shit.

    So basically what I'm saying is that they must be growing the plants they grow for a reason. Time is the most important factor for them, they need it fast. So they probably use pretty fast growing strains. Not to mention they are outside, so they would need a plant that has good resistance to disease and other environmental factors. I've also heard Mexican weed is hybrid, so they can keep the plants smaller and get larger yields, and some other stuff.

    I think that Mexican weed like "Mexican Dirt Weed," "Red Hair," and others are the strongest and fastest growing plants. I also have a little bit of proof from a friend:

    My friend had Northern Lights seeds Mexican Dirt weed seeds. He started growing them at the same time, but the Mexican Dirt weed was like twice as large and healthy looking than the Northern Lights, which were seeds from a Seedbank in Amsterdam.

    What do you think?
  2. Genetics give it the characteristics and good growers make it high quality.

  3. Of course this is true but you'll end up with shit weed. Quality over quantity IMO.
  4. Yes, schwagg seeds will be nearly as good, if grown properly, as a lot of no name ALMOST dank. But they will be MUCH healthier plants, because of the genetic sacrafices made to increase potency in danker strains. There are some kushes and such that still arn't too fucked up, but most of them are really messed up because they've been bread for max THC, as long as they CAN survive in ideal conditions, so... there pretty much devolving as far as survivability goes.
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    Op you make a very good point. Ive smoked alot of mids in my day and id say there are a good7or8 differnt kinds. the 2 rarest kinds around here are the dirtybrown stuff (thank god) and the best mids i have ever seen(like smokeing nuggets at mids price!). and every where inbetween.

    The high from these "mids" is usally very sativa like.I think to most of the mexican growers time isnt as important as yeild. i grew bagseed from a mix of these mids over the years and the plants grew big and flowered for almost 4 months before they where done!

    I have read in hightimes that they stick to the old ways and arnt open to new ideas. You have to rember in mexico most grow ops are mob owned.I saw a arcticle in high times where a guy toured a farm and the plants where HUGE and there was guys with uzis all over the place. They said that food had to be trucked in twice a week beacuse so many people worked on this grow.

    After all i just wrote i whould have to say NO there not the best Not at all! I will say that i think mexican weed is probaly alot closer to "land race" strains then Higher grade weed.
  6. mexicans dont care about quality. they grow that shit as much and as fast as possible for pure profit. if mexicans gave a damn about the quality of thier weed it wouldnt be full of seeds and smashed up into bricks.
  7. THAT'S what its all about....well said!!!
  8. Most Mexican weed I have seen looks like it was dried in the dirt. Grower was to lazy (or drunk) to kill the male plants.

  9. depends on what time / who you talk too ect... belive me there is damk in mexico and swag just like everywhere else...
  10. i recall the comonly used term........MEXICAN SHWAG
  11. Life is too short for Shwag...
  12. A track record of 60 years does not mean the same thing as 60 years of experience -- sometimes that can mean 1 year of experience repeated 60 times. I don't automatically assume that Mexicans have learned a lot from growing a long time, if anything the quality of the product called "mexican" would attest to the fact that they have learned very little when it comes to maximizing potency per gram (or at least that they don't apply the knowledge that they have acquired).

    The fact is that most of the learning that has resulted in the best genetic refinements of MJ have been made in the last 25 years or so anyway -- when I was a teenager that Mexican dirt weed was considered the good stuff, there hardly ever was anything better available because no one knew then what it took and no one had yet refined the genetics.
  13. lmao its just the dealers u bought from that buy shitty weed. i live near mex 5 mins away to be exact and i lived in mex for awhile some of the best shit ive smoked i got in Mexico just need to buy from dealers that smoke their shit and not just sell weed cus a smoker ........ a true smoker willl only smoke good weed and our dime bag where im from are about 7 to 10 grams min 7 grams high grade dirt grown weed makes u think its hydro with the smell ..........................oh yeah well anyways plus since we live right across the border most dealer i know get firrst picks on weed that crosses all commpressed shit suck thats why its compressed into bricks all good weed gets sent fluffy uncompressed
  14. I like this debate but honestly in my experience with "Mexican" weed is that it far lacks the quality of good stuff. The reason I feel this is because the quality of the high and the intensely nasty taste and the almost slime like feeling it leaves on the back of my throat. Like many said above they want it for profit not for there own personal consumption. Dank weed can come from anywhere it's about ideal conditions and passion for the plant. You get what you put in.
  15. Sorry but being mexican I can vouche that they do grow for pure profit. Although I have heard over the years that they have been buying high quality seeds from seed banks and growing that stuff. I can say one good thing about mexican plants those things can live thru anything. I heard of a 30,000 plant grow site that every single plant was uprooted by the mexican army and the care takers came back a day later and replanted every plant and every plant produced.
  16. I grew some ditch weed before... They start faster than dank but when budding time comes in the buds are really stringy and thin compared to dank being dense and massive.
  17. I have 2 IBL Mexican strains in my collection, one being the infamous Acapulco Gold, the other is the Oaxacan. I do not care if the plants were grown in Mexico, Canada, or the US, most commercial growers don't care. However, I will say this, the 2 Mexi strains I grow are excellent, only problem is the height, the Oaxacan can reach 17 ft or so, the Acapulco reaches 12-15 ft. when grown outdoors. I have found that flowering them at about 12-15 inches gives good results b/c they often take 14 wks or more to mature. When finished, they are excellent.

    I think Mexi has gotten a bad name due to people calling any old shit weed Mexi. I have seen people raid hemp fields in Iowa and Indiana compact it and call it Mexi. I have seen US commerical growers have a few late hermies that caused the crop to go to seed and they just compact it into bricks and call it Mexi. Too many variables IMHO to just say Mexi is shit weed b/c if you ever been to Mexico you would know there is some very high quality bud available down there and for very fair prices. I have found excellent seedless redish gold bud that you could not hold a hit in when in Cancun, in West Loco I got some lightly seeded green w/ red hairs that gave a very long lasting energetic high. I think there are too many variables to just blame all brick and shit weed on Mexico b/c there are a lot of commerical growers right here in the US that produce poor quality bud just for profit.

    Definitly true. I have a few mexican friens in Sinaloa who asked me many times to send them seeds from Europe. I think even the so called Mexican Sativa from Sensi Seeds is better than a lot of the local strains.
  19. Paraquat and an effective mexican eradication campaign screwed up mexico's weed. In the 70s there was incredible smoke coming in and cheaper than the Thai stick, Panamanian and Columbian stuff. Acapulco Gold comes to mind, a Sativa with 15-20% THC.
    That being said the Afgans, Chinese, India, Asia in general, Pakis, Morrocan have been growing for eons.

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