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Theory on enjoying marijuana while being drug tested

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by isimon, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Ok so I've been thinking about this for a while and I'd like to get some peoples' opinions on this theory. So we all know about 'vape poo' or the leftover material after you vape all the thc out of your weed. So I've been thinking... How high would you get off of the left over cannabinoids? We all know that drug tests only test for the main cannabinoid in pot, THC. And I have heard others say that they can still get high from the left over cannabinoids that were not vaped away. So I was thinking... it may be possible to smoke vaped weed and still get a buzz from the other cannabinoids while still staying clean of THC. This is just a theory and I would like to test it out one day but im not going to vape away all my bud just to see, plus I can not fail a test right now if it doesnt work.

    I'd like to hear everyones opinion on this... Does vaped weed still get you semi-stoned? Do you think this is a possible solution to still enjoy pot even when being tested?
  2. It was my understanding that vaping releases the other cannaboids and that THC by it's self provides a very unenjoyable experience. I also think vaped weed still contains a tiny amount of cannabanoid and THC, and that's why it's used for cooking. If I'm right, then vaped weed can get you high, but you'd have to smoke or consume alot of it, and then it'd also show in a test.
  3. Ive heard that vaping weed does not rid the weed of all THC. so it would prolly make you fail the drug test. on top of that it will prolly taste horid. so i would recomend you not try.

    Even if there was no THC left in the "vape poo" , what kind of high do you think you would get without it? if you get one at all
  4. yup. keep your vape poo for drytimes, tastes terrible and is weak but it works, without hving to resort to resin just yet
  5. not sure on the accuracy, or even remember the source, i jsut remember the figures.

    i think it may have been the union, but i'm not sure. i'm positive someone on here would know.

    joints release about 28% of the original plant's thc into your blood.
    bongs- 78%
    vaporizers- 92%

    it didnt mention blunts, or pipes. i was disappointed.
  6. #6 Sh0ty, Feb 16, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2009
    Blunts should be similar to Joints since they have similar burning temperatures (assuming they are of comparable size, density, etc) and pipes should be similar to bongs, since THC is largely insoluble in water. As far as the accuracy of those numbers, I'm pretty skeptical; 28% efficiency seems a little low. The reason joints would have such low efficiency is the high burning temperature + constant burn, but as far as %absorbency goes, smoke is smoke.

    EDIT: It's important to understand that THC is not the only active ingredient in cannabis. The mixture of THC and the other cannabanoids are what produce the high.

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