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Theory on Cannabis Anxiety

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JayShez, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. I know many people on here won't fully understand how bad cannabis anxiety/psychosis feels and they might not believe it to be as much of a problem as others describe it to be, but anyone with true first hand experience will know how severe a problem it can be.

    Forgive me for not including any citations in this post, but based off the information I've read about several different neurological processes which happen upon consumption of THC, I've found that

    • THC inhibits GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. Chronic use can cause receptor downregulation
    • Glutamate is an excitatory neurotrasmitter which is linked to conditions like anxiety, seizuring and schizophrenia
    • GABA keeps excitatory neurotransmitters from overstimulating the brain
    • Substances such as benzos are commonly used to treat bad trips and anxiety disorders; their mechanism of action is to mimic GABA's activity in the brain to help restore calmness
    So my question is, would increasing either GABA concentrations in the brain or GABA receptor activity possibly help with anxiety conditions from cannabis use?
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  2. Yes it is possible

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  3. My experience from one that suffers severely from anxiety panic and ocd disorders is to micro dose cannabis. Only thing that helps. I've tried everything, including herbal supplements that center on GABA and other helpful sedative elements and the results were marginal if any. I have found that my sleep, diet, exercise regimens must be in order and also reducing stress helps immensely. But if you don't treat the anxiety at its source the cannabis related anxiety is twofold and will not get better. My advise keep your tolerance levels as low as readable and use cannabis sparingly not just to keep up with everyone else's high tolerances you only need 1 hit to feel the effects if you've done it right over the years.

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    I do find it really hard to micro dose but I might give it another go, but also arm myself with some Picamillon for the GABA enhancement to test my theory.

    I remember I used to be really mellow and calm when I used to smoke weed then, as soon as I started heavily smoking weed/using SSRIs and Ketamine binges (stimulates glutamate activity), out of no where I started having seizures/panic symptoms and bad anxiety thought loops. I'm thinking too much excitatory neurotransmitter activity mixed with underactive inhibitory neurotransmitter activity as a possible cause?
  5. This might sound a little weird, but anytime you're having anxiety from being too high have sex with your girl or put some porn on. The anxiety will go away in seconds. Working out helps as well. Just remember, know matter how bad the anxiety is, you cannot die from it.
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  6. You are overqualified to enjoy weed. Sucks to have your smarty pants brain.

    I know when I went through AP chemistry, AP calculus and AP Spanish my senior year of high school weed helped tremendously with the not giving a fuck option in life and helped ease the overanalyzing and thinking like a bookworm.

    Life isn't a book to read so stop thinking so hard about the drugs you can't wrap your head around. Weed is just a plant...
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  7. Amongst almost everyone I know who gets paranoid on weed, it usually revolves around law enforcement I.e. It being Illegal or getting caught/stigma. #legalisation
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  8. Idk how it works I've been told by a doctor I have anxiety but i get it even when I dont smoke weed lol microdosing does help with anxiety sometimes especially the chest pains I get sometimes due to anxiety
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  9. In my circles cannabis anxiety is your astral psychic body is trying to forewarn u of something mayne...

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  10. Microdose and you will solve your problems. When you cross that level where too much thc floods your neuro transmitter/brain/thought center, for those that are prone to anxiety you can have panic like feelings set in. It is not fun and can be avoided. Cannabis today is highly therapeutic and potent and only a very small amount is needed by the average individual to feel the effects. Why so many people are having issues is cause they think their first time they need 5 bong hits of dank to get off. Wrong! You will be facing and dealing with this cannabis anxiety syndrome sooner than later if you start out with weed like this, be rest assured.
  11. I think yes. In return you may find yourself chasing a high that is no longer obtainable depending on the density of GABA in your system

    I've found that similar acting chemicals cause me this affect

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  12. Worrrd I get those anxious dreams of needing to reup and that's my out of body self trying to reach out to connects for more herb. Anxiety in wakefulness is nonexistent paranoia imo because I get used to the way people behave around the smell of weed.
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  13. One thing I don't understand is that once you have a bad high or a high filled with paranoia and anxiety... you always worry about having another high like that. It's like once it happens one time, it starts happening more and the highs are not the same. At least that's how it is for me

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  14. Excitatory states of gray matter in the brain activate memory protocols that enable fight or flight responses. For those who can handle its just being high. Those who can't consider being high "paranoia," and attribute the experience to negative stimuli.
  15. Too much THC. CBD can help with that.

    Getting rid of my low tolerance is what made the weed anxiety go away for the most part. Sometimes it will trigger it but that's usually my fault (choice of strain, amount used) but I've experienced that scary feeling enough times to know it's just the weed. My last weed induced pani attack was a couple of months ago. It was a bad one too, my face got all tingly I was crying and I felt like I was gonna pass out. Definitely freaked out my bf. That was my fault, that night I smoke a cone and over did it since I'm not used to them. And I didn't know what was inside other than random weed from the dispensary. Hate to waste those free joints lol.

    Anyways, I've always heard that THC is counteracted by CBD and that a higher cbd:thc ratio is ideal for anxieties. But alas, my only experiences with cbd are limited to Harlequin and F Cancer which was a whole year ago. I want to start cbd again, actually I kind of have to for my degree. Student internship program I want to do requires a drug test, I don't want to risk using my medical card as an excuse because I'm sure they'll just tell me that because of my condition and choice of medicine I am denied.
  16. You know, I had this very big anxiety the first time I tried weed, because I didn't know what to expect from it, I thought it was gonna be a bit of laughing but my whole world felt different, and my mind did also.

    I was super scared, uncomfortable... I just couldn't handle it and have a "bad trip", it was bad at the moment at least.

    I literally said I wasn't going to smoke weed again, never.

    However, after the effects vanished I had time to think, the days after my experience, I thought I simply was unprepared at that time and I wasn't expecting the effects, I was convinced that, if I smoked again, I would have control of the high.

    I smoked again but got very little to no effects the next couple of times, but then I had another party and I got good quality bud, smoked it and, yeah, boom there I am extremely high and it was simply amazing, I loved it.

    Last time I smoked I had a bit of anxiety because I was going to end a relationship with my girlfriend and I thought I heard someone she was crying, but as soon as I started getting nervous and paranoid I told myself: "Hey man, this is just because of the effect, think of something different".

    So I just went to the living room and started dancing with my friends and had a good time.

    It's kind of fun cause another friend of mine was also high and he also did heard that my GF (ex GF now) was crying, just as I did, but... That never happened actually.

    It's a matter of you being able to control your mind, you cannot think out the molecule of your brain, but chances are you can control it some way to try and not be anxious.

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  17. Yes focus on something else or just telling yourself that you are just a little bit too high usually helps to calm down. I usually just ride that shit out, scared as hell, but I constantly remind myself that I am just a little too high and everything I think or imagine is just an effect of too much thc. I would compare it to riding a thrill ride at an amusement park that you thought you could handle but were wrong and it's actually not that enjoyable but you know it will be over soon enough.
  18. Extracting TetraHydra from Cannabidiol means using dehydration synthesis to form dabs. That's how methamphetamines work.

    The whole flower stays one unified organism as TetraHydraCannaBiDiol. Extracting just the oil by ADDING ethanol and SUBTRACTING water makes it a drug, despite the flower's whole purpose of not being a drug.

    You cant say THC and CBD without sounding like you yourself know chemistry.
  19. As a person with PTSD, somatization disorder, anxiety and panic disorder... it does hit the Gaba receptors which will cause an increase in heart rate which I believe if you over think it you will have a full blown panic attack.. I have had good and bad weed.. and bad trips and most of the shit is psychological..m if I don't smoke for awhile even 2 day break my heart races, but not to a point where I have a panic attack... just like one of the members mention is to micro dose and that's what I do... sometimes I don't need to inhale in the beginning and I still feel a lil high then I wait a minute and take another hit and inhale and the heart racing goes away and I'm just enjoying life.... and I'm a person that lift weights errday... fuck meds and green is the best

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