Theory of such diverse natural foods/animals

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  1. Whenever i'm high the question of why comes into my head about all the different fruits, vegetables, trees, nuts, anything edible really.. along with all the different kinds of animals, plants, etc. It all works together in this little circle, each supporting or dependant on something in a way...

    Now I kind of believe in the theory that all this is created from one atom that contained dna and this dna was smart enough to create something else that it needed and that something needed something and so on.. so evolution but basicaly for an atom. And for some crazy reason it got to this point where all this exists..

    But then I have to think that certainly there must be some sort of reason/thought out structure behind all of this on earth.. it can't just be out of neccesity. Lot's of things are hardly neccesary, but they exist anyways and are so much different from anything else really.. it just blows my mind.
  2. common misconception about evolution.

    things dont just evolve because they are needed. they evolve randomly, and random mutations, if they survive start to spread in a population.

    after a while, the land changes, and things start becomming extinct. this causes the appearence that one creature evolved into another out of nessesity, but a better way of looking at it is just that the sister species died.

    its like if you and your brother look different, and he dies, only you will pass on your genes to the next generation. maybe he was hit by a bus? or got food poisoning? or struck by lightning?

    survival of the fittest is a very misleading term, its more like survival of the luckiest.
  3. evolution by natural selection

  4. damn....wise words.

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