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Theory of General Lighter Circulation

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Bajablast, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. This is the worst. The only thing that really gets me is when one of mine goes missing and i call someone out on it and they deny it then like next week bam my lighter there using.
  2. This thread is hilarious. I have a lighter that's very distinctively mine, and I keep it on me at all times.
    Some friends of mine buy Bic lighters in bulk and hand them out to everybody in the session so that we don't have to keep passing one lighter.
  3. i always have a lighter, and in the past year ive bought 2
  4. Haha i always end up losing lighters but also gain lighters, on this one occasion i was smoking with a couple of my friends. Ive already been smoking with others earlier in the night. But finally the bong was packed and i checked my pockets for lights, ended up finding 4 lighters, 1 was mine and 3 were from others(guess i was really high/drunk to forget giving lighters back). The next day after waking up, i was checking my stash getting rdy to smoke, but i couldnt find a damn lighter anywhere.

    My theory on lighter circulation, is that when you smoke with others and you let them use their lighters, every so often someone will pocket the lighter not really thinking.
  5. I've got a bowl of lighters on the coffee table for anyone in the circle to use if they need one. After the sesh, I go through the couches and replenish the bowl.

    Funny thing is, there's maybe 1 or 2 in there I've actually bought myself. I know because I buy the ones with the plastic wrap designs and nearly all the ones in there now are just plain solid colors.
  6. i go thru a lighter in less then 7 days...fuckin wierd!
  7. I personally enjoy the whole concept of a lighter. It adds a new aspect to Cannabis smoking. It fuels the Cannabis culture ( pun DEFINITELY intended ) !

    There are a wide variety of lighters available, all with different shapes, colors, and mechanics. It is fun to build a collection of lighters, so you have a choice which to use. Sometimes I feel like using a torch, while sometimes I'll feel like using a match. And as everyone knows, the good ol' Bic is readily available!

    Who else here loves having a great lighter collection? ( As long as they are legitimately yours, STEALING is NOT cool. I understand when people take them by accident, but as long as you return it you're fine. )
  8. My friend was pretty high yesterday, and his lighter fell out of his pocket. Of course, we sometimes get a little forgetful when we're high... :smoke::eek:
  9. Once I get stoned and drunk I lose my lighters. After losing my beautiful 80$ zippo. I've been going through lighters like a motherfucker. either they've been lost, stolen, throwen away by mother/gf, or ran out of fluid. thank god they are cheap 1-2$ ones.
  10. Great thread!
    I ponder this all the time.
  11. im not gonna lie ive taken a lighter or to.
    but the usally dont last long lol.

    the cycle repeats itself.
  12. That's funny because I lost a pink lighter on the same night you posted.
  13. I am really bad about taking lighters. I never mean to, but after a bowl if I'm lighting a cigarette or something I'll forget and just put someone elses lighter in my pocket. oh well
  14. I think this is just a natural accurance 4 stoners. I mean when you cant tell if this is still reality and you spend a hour being amazed by your hand how are you supposed to find your lighter.
  15. It pisses me off that we lose lighters so easily, and also that there are peeps who steal them. I wanted to get a Zippo BLU, but looks like it would be a waste of money. =P Mebbe I can tether it to myself? :D
  16. I remember in my apartment it would go like buisness, sometimes after parties we would find 25 lighters and put them in our 'stoner box' with the eye drops and papers, and than some days you'd lose most of them. I came home from vegas after 4 days they were all gone. Every single one. Didn't take the rohtos though hha
  17. mark your lighters somehow, i take a kinfe an carve a cross into it, or my initals. if you want to make sure your lighters dont get ganked, do what i do, mark it, and dont pass it that offten...and if your a cig smoker like me, put it in your pack when it fits.
  18. Haha, in my group of friends its like an unspoken that rule when you get a lighter in your hand you put it in your pocket. I'll even do this when completely sober now.

    I'll find myself stealing my friends lighters totally on accident. I'll just give them back when I notice that I stole them hahaha.
  19. Gotta love when someone jacks your lighter, and then somehow you accidentally end up with it again weeks later. Like, "Hey, this is mine!! :hello:"
  20. lighter circulation....how about pipe circulation? I've noticed no one has posted a similiar story, and i was wondering if anyone else ever had the same sort of expierence...

    my brother-in-law had this really nice, expensive blown-glass-pipe, that he had stolen from someone. an unforgivable-foul i know, but i digress..... and he lost it. He mourned the loss of his piece and figured he'd dropped it somewhere, or that it had been stolen.

    about 2 or 3 years later, he met up with a buddy he hadnt seen for a long time, and they decided to smoke.

    To his suprise it was his long lost glass-piece, the one he had stolen, had been stolen from him, and later after his buddy was noticeably less perceptive, he stole the pipe back once more.

    In the end, it ended up shattered on a concrete floor, clumsly smokers....but talk about a crazy cycle of circulation :)

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