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theory of enlightenment

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sevenleafcowboy, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. As an answer to Canned spam's question on my theory as well as to all concerned and every one should be. The american government is a sleeping war machine so to speak .they can sober up the the few alcoholics to go to war at the drop of a hat but they know if mj was leagal that 85% of the US population would be regular tokers,and hence the government beleaves thatevery one would be to stoned to defend the country . Well if I'm gonna die Fighting I want to be stoned off my ass! And I'm an excelent shot when I'm stoned.Look at the drug use in veitnam! What the hell do they expect?! Your far away from home in a forien land your scared as hell and don't know if your gonna make it home alive or at all! And what if It's on American soil ? you got to keep your nerves in check to do what you gotta do wich is surrive! Lets be frank we only pretend this is a free country ! the government only allows us to do what they can quietly controll! look at border crossings. yes they control people coming in but if to many are heading out they will shut down the borders in a heart beat! they say (the government) it's to protect your way of life when it's really to protect their investment!(power)the phrase for the people is just a smoke screen for the un edjucated to feel good , to have that warm & fuzzy feeling.If we are high our minds are expanded we become self thinkers and there is acording to our government no place for self... We are rats in a maze and we need to chew our way out! NOW! A government for the people would have this policy wich was mothballed!! AND IT STATES! NO LAW SHALL BE ENACTED NOR ENFORCED WITH OUT AN OPEN PUBLIC VOTE. But you see the problem with that is it will give the power to the people; and the government cant allow that. we need to push this back in to our system any time a law is to be enacted or changed or en forced then we the people need to hold an open public vote!!!with no need to be registerd just show your social card and vote! free da weed free our minds free the world once and for all and to those offended this is my view an those who feel like I do! You are entittled to yours too! but dont tred on my personal freedoms to calm your own fears! I apollogise to grass city if I seem a little political rite now but we need to cross this road sooner than later.........
  2. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn right! i love it when i hear americans speak out like this... it restores my faith in humanity.

    wakey wakey world. the revolution is coming. the people of america are like sand in the hand of the US government. the tighter they squeeze the more grains slip out through it's fingers. The more grains slip out the tighter they want to squeeze to keep those they still have. There will always be that few that are left in the grasp of the hand and will never see out. The hand is not made of glass we cannot see through it, But we can see what it's doing and those of us who slipped out know there is still sand inside.

    hmmm.... i like that analogy... and i only made it up on the spot.

    forgot to add:
    where did u get that 85% figure from? it's amazingly acurate based on other surveys. like in London it's 87% in favour of law change! the rest of teh uk is only slightly behind @ about 82%.... hmmm what's taking so long tony? r u waiting to loose to Ian Duncan Smith?
  3. Right on brotha!! You said that very well. Nice analogy Digit. The government is all about power. I think a reason marijuana is illegal still is because of all the bullshit propaganda in the 60's (was it?). Or maybe even before... they said it makes you crazy and want to kill people when in reality it's the opposite. They don't want to be considered wrong so they stick to their bs and "control" us.
  4. first wave of the reefer madness movement... in the thirties,
    for two reasons: 1. they didn't like the influence black and mexican culture might have, and realising that the alcohol prohibition wasnt working, they thought 'lets kill two birds with one stone' so they demonised black and latino comunities and culture (aiding to the racial tensions we still suffer today)and demonised our freindly and helpfull little herb
    2. Harry J ansligner's uncle was a competent capitalist and stood to loose out if the "billion dollar crop" (and remember a billion dollars was an unimaginable amount in the thirties) was put into full utilisation... and so we've had over 70 years of building an infastructure without this most VITAL of resources making it even harder to put things right.

    and all because someone wanted to "make an honest buck"... ha, ha, haw, wah, wahha, boohoo, waaaaaaah! why!?!

    second wave of the reefer madness movement was in the 50's
    for two reasons: 1. to repair the damage they had done to the anti pot campaign during WW2 when they actually advertised to farmers to grow hemp for the war effort!
    2. this second campaign of "public awareness" was just as bad as the first claiming all sorts of things that today we know to be completely untrue and was deliberate and some WAWODs beleive this was done to cover up the secret testing already being done (we know for a fact secret testing was being done during the 60's campaigns)... however!

    the fifties campaign, had the opposite effect on a minority(perhaps also coupled with a new desire for peace after WW2) aided in the creation of the hippy movement. YES! the hippy movement began in the fifties!

    and they've been campaigning ever since those dark days... realising that it wasn't enough, they toughened the laws considerably (this is where my knowledge on the US warfront is a little more patchy) in 78 (or is that UK, it might have been earlier as the uk always copy the US in such matters). all the while ignoring and publicaly dennying the scientific knowledge they gained from their experiments... then once the success in holland became blatantly apparant again they deny knowledge from the most significant social experiment of the century... legalaly tollerated cannabis actually LOWERS! canabis use and almost halts use of stronger and more dangerous drugs! all teh while the US continue their compulsory propaganda and experience rising levels of hard drug addiction... and remember that bit i mentioned at the start about trying to demonise black comunities ... it's still going on and their tactics have become far worse than that of a few posters. there are secretly government sanctioned agencies that are ensuring there is enough CRACK to go around... and as long as you make sure black people have a hard time making a good living there's always going to be enough of them poor enough to feel the need to sell crack to make a living. so next time u see some black people being picked on by some cops... just think about the big picture... the government is the puppet master, happily pulling on whatever strings it sees fit to get its job done... remember... these are FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS!!! AND WHITE RACIST, ZENOPHOBIC, REPUBLICAN OIL BARRONS AT THAT!!! you wanna know who voted "kill black" in the higher education poll??? my bet is they like the government, and if they don't i guess they think they're too soft.

    ok.... that's gotta be the longest rant i've done for a while. my internet connection timed out whilst writing it. do u guys actually read all this huffing & puffing?

    em ... anyway. i'll just finnish by saying...

    the most basic principle of a DEMOCRACY, is that power is granted from the people up. if u reverse that, you get an elective dictatorship... when u vote for a president, you no longer vote for who u want to get the things done that you want done... you are voting for who you want to have TELLING YOU what gets done (and even in the easily corruptable system of a republic, that's considered a misrepresentation). and that's not just a dig at the US. the UK has been like that for the past two general elections.

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