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    Okay this may make no sense but i think its good so i want it in writing.

    The object of this is to make other plants produce THC or make cannabis produce more THC through genetic engineering.

    There are those fish called glofish, scientists have taken a Gene from a jellyfish and inserted it in a fish to make the fish gain the jellyfishs abilities to change color. Think about how distant a relationship that is jellyfish to fish, other than the name they are completley different.

    Now procure the funding to study the genome structure of cannabis. Find the gene that produces THC. Find a plant that has a similar pollen catching system. Insert the gene and hope for the best.

    The idea for more potent weed is to find the gene that regulates the production of trichromes and study its structure to cause limitless amounts to be made.

    and then of course

  2. there's already some contest going on to try to do this
  3. Any links?
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