Theory for the end of drug war

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  1. Research chemicals are only going to grow exponentially. Shulgin (inventor of 200+ RC's) predicts by the year 2060 there will be over 3,000 RC's. With the endless manipulating of chemical structure, theoretically there is no limit to what can be created. Nobody knows the longterm affects of these new drugs. Some of them may be very dangerous and they are so commonly available through the internet

    They are being created everyday by basement chemists. And the DEA cannot keep up with them.

    My theory is that 10 or 20 years down the line it will become a HUGE issue, moreso than it is now. The government will be backed into a corner. I think they will be forced to legalize all drugs. if all drugs are legalized nobody would ever fuck with RC's. people would be given free choice and with the growing force of the internet everybody will be informed on substances and make informed decisions on what they put in their body.

    It may be far fetched, in fact I'm pretty sure it is, but I hope someday that logic will prevail in this fuckked up world. At a certain point in time the drug war has to stop! Do you think they can pull this off forever?
  2. I don't see reason factoring into their plan to stop. Weed should reasonably be legal but that hasn't changed the last century (almost)
  3. That's a good point. I think the gov't looks at marijuana and RCs as 2 separate issues. In their eyes marijuana will always be a drug to them no matter what. RC's are readily available but not widely used. (IMO) I think if these RCs are not cracked down on now then it could really become a problem in the future. Especially with how available information is on making these chemicals.
  4. Weed will probably end up being legal sometime in the near future. The medicinal stuff is a good step towards that. It can't happen all at once.

    The War on Drugs is trickier because it's hard to convince most people that drugs should be legal (which they should be, but most won't buy into it), and the last thing the American people and political leaders want to do is admit that a system that's been in place for decades isn't working.
  5. As much as I try to avoid all these RCs, I have to congratulate their designers. It's helping the cause.
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    It is the natural course of things. if you make the safer pyschoactives illegal, people are going to expirement and make new chemicals. its fucked up imo that this whole situation could have been easily avoided if the government took responsibility and dealt with it a long time ago. Now it's just out of hand.

    a kid could log on the internet and buy a wide variety of Research chemicals to be delivered at his doorstep tomorrow and the government has no way to keep up with how fast it's happening. They are putting up this facade like it's not really happening. Innocent people are becoming slaves to RC's because of the misinformation that is spewed through the media.

    I mean honestly, what kid would fuck with some research chemical if drugs were legal? And honestly, who would try heroin if it was legalized compared to right now when it is currently available. They are only perpetrating this war because they know how embarrasing it is the billions of dollars wasted every year on this cause. for what?

    the only way this can work is if there is a huge change in the perception of the issue. Years down the line the pressure will only increase on the government to stop spending billions on the war of drugs. I think this WILL NOT stop until somebody really important comes along with the TRUTH, somebody who the people will listen to and respect.

    If Ron Paul wins in 2012, I think there may be hope. For reasons much more than the drug war, I will be leaving the US is Ron Paul does not win the election. Hello Europe.
  7. I've only ever tried one research chemical. I can't say what it is because we can't talk about shit like that anymore but I've done it at least 20 times. One of those times I OD'd and ended up in the hospital.

  8. It's going to be a while my friends ..

    "Federal Authorities Shut Down 'Legal' Medical Marijuana Providers in California"

    SAN DIEGO – Federal officials in the U.S. have shut down 139 medical marijuana outlets in San Diego amid threats of criminal prosecution.
    The U.S. Attorney's office and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration led the crackdown on dispensaries that are approved under California law, but illegal in the eyes of federal agencies, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported Tuesday.
    Of the 222 medical marijuana outlets in the city, 139 had closed after the federal threats. Authorities expected a further 20 to shut down in the coming two weeks.
    Alex Kreit, a professor at San Diego's Thomas Jefferson School of Law, doubted the move would eradicate medical marijuana from the city.
    "If you only had 10 places operating and you prosecute five, the other five are going to close. But if you have 200 and there's still 100 operating after these letters, well, the letters clearly haven't worked," he said. "I think that the places operating now are assuming that there's probably going to be a few federal prosecutions, and they are just keeping their fingers crossed hoping that it's not them."
    California approved medical marijuana 15 years ago, but the drug is still illegal under federal law.


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