theory becomes fact ,a steriod treatment for plants !

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by the rainman!, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. yes ,thats what i said ! in my studies of light intencity and its effect on photosythesis ,i have found that what we all beleive was not true ,it is not the shorting of light jours that changes the hormonic genetic markers to change the plant into flowering that only stretches them ! in fact it is light intencity that changes the plants mass out side plants are not change by the shorter days they are change by the change in temps that change the atmospere and what we all thaught is a illusion , even i fell for ! but i can now take a seedling that has been grown under 80 watt flurescent and put it under 56 watt blue light spectrium and over night the stem well grow over twice the size ,warning this blue light spectrium dose not have the full spetrium for healthy over all growth and the treatments should not be over 10-12 hours ,the plant can be take a put back under the flurescent again for a week and than repete the treatment !as in humans the plant well retrun to its normal growth rates but keep the mass from the steriod treatment ! this theory can be put to use for most growers in the fact that knowing the stuning of fast drops in hours is the main reason that plants stress and stretch we only need rise the wattish of light slower over time and with less stress to again mass with out the stretching ,!stay safe stay free
  2. LOL, this is documented at the edge !

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  3. 3 1/2 days latter !

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  4. ya know...believe whatever u wanna believe. who knows, maybe u are right and 100's of years of others are totally wrong.

    funny how a 400w HPS turned to 12 hours doesnt stretch the plant but starts them to flowering in my grow room.

    oh by the something in plant physiology about late season flowering.
  5. i dont judge my work by the work of others, i judge it by the over 2700 plants i have grown in three years and over 300 strains !

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