Theory about nug density in prose.

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  1. Just wondering and quite stoned at the moment.

    But say I have a theoretical 1 gram nug of weed. What percent by mass do you really have of what constituents? We know the THC is in the triches. But there's stem, leaf, and flower material to consider. This raises a dilemma in trying to balance your dwindling bank account, because Black Friday is coming up and did you see that ad for a 65" Vizio Flatscreen for $648 at Walmart? And the competing, I wanna really smoke out the Holidays with friends. I'm also a firm believer in smoking the whole bud. Vaping won't cut it, nor extracts. Gotta be bud, gotta be smoked.

    So ultimately there's three competing interests when buying weed by the gram: money, potency, and the last is more esoteric because it now has two more competing interests, how much the nug is composed of active compounds and inactive.

    Now weed is sold by the gram. This question comes from my experience buying weed at the local dispensary. I bought two same-price eights of different strains. So both being the same generous 4 gram eigthes, I always tip the budtenders generously and sometimes they let me take an edible home.

    But back to my two eigths. They both cost the same. They both weigh the same. But one only had like 3 midsize nugs the other had 5 fairly large ones. The 3 rattled in their translucent blue pill bottles replete with prescription jargon like "Don't take while operating heavy machinery," because hey this is a respectable establishment. Got a leather couch and 60 inch flatscreen in the waiting room which, let's be honest is so everyone working can watch tv. Not like those guys down the dirt road. Their dispensary doesn't even have a flatscreen in the waiting room. Instead sat an old 27" flat screen Trinitron. I mean technically the screen is flat on it. They give you their marijuana in ziploc bags, and not even real Ziploc brand bags. Flimsy imitations from the nearby Dollar Tree. So flimsy a firm grip has them punctured by the stems poking out from the bud.

    But I like that small time dispensary down the dirt road. Feels mom and popish. That Trinitron brings back memories of childhood because it was the very same type your parents plopped you down in front of. Good thing I liked to watch educational programming like Discovery Channel, History Channel, and the Learning Channel before it sold it's soul to the reality show devil. But the dispensary felt cozy and lived. Or am I romanticizing because their weed is half the price of that overpriced hipster lounge up the dirt road where it's paved and their dispensary has a flatscreen not a flat screen.

    Nope I'll buy it where it's cheaper. So that said. The one question I'd like to ask to settle the dilemma of dense nugs vs light nugs is can anyone with a good vape and weigh scale vape a gram of dense nugs and a gram of lightweight nugs and weigh the vaped bug after? Whichever one lost the most mass you should be able to infer had the most active ingredients.

    Often times too you'll find the dispensaries discounting a strain cause the nugs are lightweight. But looking at them under a loupe they're just as frosted. So along with being discounted it often times is just as potent.

    So all else being equal tested potentcy even, which is the better deal dense nugs or lightweight nugs?

    Feel free to spin a fancy yarn that may or may not be 100% true. It would be interesting to read through and we might answer definitively about dense vs lightweight nugs.

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