Theoretical 120cm x 60 cm [soil] Grow Tent Layout

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  1. Hi. In September I want to start growing enough to render myself self sufficient, so as close as I can get to an oz a month will be desirable. However I have to achieve this in a small space with as much stealth as possible.

    I'm toying with the idea of a diy grow tent that is 120cm wide and 60cm deep with height of about 1 to 2 meters. Bearing this in mind this is the layout I have dreamed up;


    This is how I see it working. I have the Flowering chamber (250w MH) and Veg chamber (250w HPS). In the veg chamber I have a bonsai mother from 2 different strains (with similar grow cycles), and space for two clones from cutting to full veg. In the flowering chamber I have 4 flowering plants.

    I will start by growin two plants, one from each strain. From these I will take 2 clones from each plant, one to be the bonsai mother and one to be a sort of halfway house. The 2 orig plants will then be put into flowering while the bonsai mothers are maintained and the 2 halfway houses are vegged for a month.

    The halfway houses will then be moved into flowering. One month before the original plants are due to finish flowering, new cuttings will be taken from the bonsai mother in order to replace them in the flowering room at the end of the month.

    And so a cycle will be formed where 2 cutting are taken one month before 2 of the flowering plants are ready for harvest, perpetually keeping 4 plants in flowering with a harvest of 2 plants every 40ish days.

    I hope this makes sense because I am currently enjoying the bottom half of this bottle of wine (African Cabernet Sauvignon :)) but do please point out if you see anything retarded or a flaw in my time scale calculimitationisms.

    ps - The tent will be vented with a diy scrubber and a few old pc case fans. Being a pc enthusiast I'm privvy to at least a basic understanding of vent airflow. I will also be using LST on the plants.

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