Then your parents hit you with __________

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  1. Hello all, I recently had a great highdea for a thread. Pretty much the title says it all. What're the most memorable, whether it be funny or serious or whatever, statements your parents have ever said to you?

    Parents: it smell like weed in here did you smoke?

    Me: of course not, I don't know why it smells like that

    Parents: you know what it probably is that usually smells like weed?

    Me: no what?

    Parents: weed.

    I couldn't really argue with that point and fessed up that night hahaha
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  2. I have cancer

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  3. I will raise a new child, and I will spank their ass, force them to join a sports club, force them to study hard.. to make sure they don't end up a lazy, useless homosexual, like you!
  4. "I'm disappointed."

    ...Get in line.:coolalt:
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  5. "You're screwing up in life." Might have been the substance talking that time.
  6. Mom: "Don't tell your dad about this"

    Dad: "Don't tell your mom about this"
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  7. Very drunk dad:"Do you know how to rip someone's throat out? I'll show you"

    To put it in perspective though he was dealing with some things he had done in the past while enlisted. Scared the fuck out of me though.

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  8. Your adopted

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  9. "You're sick."

    Good thread
  10. The belt
  11. While drunk on christmas this year, my mom asked me "what year is it?". Never seen her like that, but it was quite amusing.
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  12. "This is your last chance"

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