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Theme Park question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Justanothrsmokr, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Hey so I made a thread earlier about what edibles would be best for going to a theme park.

    Forgot to ask

    I dont get scared in line or on rollercoasters, so anxiety cant hurt my high but

    cant an adreanaline rush lessen your high a little bit? Thats just what I heard and I kind of

    believe it cause of experience driving (got more concentrated all scared of cops n sh).

    Would I have to compensate by bringing more?? answers appreciated :bongin:
  2. Well, for one, adrenaline and paranoid concentration are two different things. I havent felt any noticable decline in my high from being pumped.

    But really, any edible is good for a theme park. Firecrackers, Cannapeanutbutter/Nutella sandwiches, brownies, green dragon, you name it.
  3. I went to an amusement park and ate 1 brownie before and 1 while i was there. The rides were so fun when i was high and i didn't think it killed my high at all. I had a blast.

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