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    Im an avid music fan of most all music genres, I love music. Music is my life, with that said. I am going to be posting up Reviews of Songs, Album, Artists and Anything else music related. I will be posting up music I am currently listening to and post a review on here. I am no critically acclaimed music reviewer or highly paid journalist, just an average joe that smokes and listens to music.

    -Feel free to give me feedback on what I can do to better my reviews-
  2. Tonight, I review Indie Rock band Band of Horses' album Infinite Arms.

    ~Band of Horse are a band, I find intrinsically calming, and amazingly complete, they finished and shipped there third album May 18, 2010. Infinite arms if filled with soothing instrumentals and extremely soulful vocal's of Ben Bridwell. Songs like "Compliments","Dilly", and "NW Apt.", are of a faster tempo and give a more blissfully dancing mood. The song also has its signature slow songs like "Blue Beard"and "Neighbor" The album features a variety of musical styles featuring the classic Band of Horse's slow and rhythmic songs, while mixing a more upbeat and catchy couple of songs and even filled with a slight old western sound in the song "Older". This is yet again another fantastic album by the pronominal prosperous band Band of Horse. Make sure to pick this album up and listen to it every-time to smoke and let your ears bask in soothing vocals, halyconic guitars and to the wondrous drums.

    Thanks for Reading, M.B

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