Them Damn Bambis

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    Sitting here typing away and look out the window and see 3 deer slowly chomping their way closer and closer to my garden.

    went out and fired off the .22 about 20 times.

    scared the shit out of them......i cant wait until hunting season and i can mow down bambi with the assault rifle.

    Here is a list of way i have found to beat the deer.

    1-Human Hair-Always save your hair when you get a haircut.

    2-Always pee at your site....pee and a jug and carry it to your site.

    3-I try to always smoke a cig or 2(away from plants of course) then deposit butts around your plants.

    4-I throw out moth-balls around site...I try to throw them in the brush so they arent noticable. replace when it rains.

    5-Make a real diluted solution of tabasico sauce and water and spray plants around yours(can spray yours) Makes the cannabis taste nasty to animals.......Flush with water good before harvesting

    If all else fails and the fucking Bambi still wont leave you alone i go with 2 options then.

    6-Go to local feed store and buy 50 lbs of corn and start feeding the deer. If you leave corn out....they wont even mess with cannabis anymore.....corn is like CRACK to deer...this can get expensive though,but hey you only have to do it for a few months a year.

    7-Last option. When i have had enough......them fucking bambis wont go away,i walk out side with the Ruger Mini 14 assault rifle with a couple of 50 rd clips. GENOCIDE them. Might wanna check with local laws first before trying this option.

    Where i live is DEER country,and its no surprise to have deer in your yard all the time.

    Fuckers getting to comfortable with being around us humans.

    Again,i cant wait till deer season and especially doe day. gonna fix the population around here for next summer thats for sure.
  2. man i wish i lived where you lived just so i can run around the woods and kill a bunch of animals lol.
    in cali you shoot off a 22 in the air and cops are on sight in 10 min .
    they have gunshot detectors out here that pinpoint where shots came from.
  3. yea im on 60 acres here.....and closest neighbor is 1/2 mile away
  4. i cant wait until hunting season and i can mow down bambi with the assault rifle.

    Mow them down with an assault rifle? Yeah, and ruin all of the meat. Try a single shot to the heart or lungs. Other than that those are good tips on deterants.
  5. wasnt being serious. id only use 1 bullet for each deer. there are so many here id need a 50 round clip though.

    and i dont eat deer,but i do give the meat away.

    deer is ok if cooked right,but i dont like it enough to take all that space in freezer.

    i love to hunt though.

    just killed a coon out here in the woods. damn things always eat all the seedlings up.

    i have found they love ginger root...ill plant a few just to geet them to eat the ginger instead of my seedlings.

    works half ass.

    they only way to fix a coon problem is a .22 rifle

    i felt bad killin him tonight,but shit.......ya know?

    i have live traps but every time i try and use one i catch a fucking cat(we have 4 that live in the barn)

    so i gave up and starting eliminating them. i do that by stopping the seed by killing all of them.

  6. So how many did you get??

    Venison is finger licking good.
  7. In the UK gamekeepers use a little device that fires a shotgun cartridge when it is activated by a trip wire, I was thinking this may well be useful to some of you guys overseas that need to keep the larger animals away from your plot. I imagine it would scare most people away too as I think that is the primary use in the UK to stop poachers.

    Dont know what there called but they are normally purchased from the larger shooting suppliers in the UK.

    Keep it green.
  8. When I lived in the UK a friend of mine used a gizmo like that to help protect his motorcycle from tealeaves - I think it fired a BLANK shotgun cartridge (shame, really).
  9. "i have live traps but every time i try and use one i catch a fucking cat(we have 4 that live in the barn)"
    Use marsh mellows in the live traps cat dont care for them and coons love them!

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