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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by TheHempMan, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. ok me and my friend started 5 seedlings under 1 150 watt 1 70watt and 1 50watt hps lights so thats three hps lights. 2 of them turned out female. we started flowering them 3 weeks ago in his closet until they had some hairs but once they started flowering the smell was over wellming and his mom started asking questions so we put them in his backyard and they have been outhere for 2 weeks and doing fine.

    but i was wondering if they will finish flowering outside this time of year?its not to cold out side we live in arizona so its kinda warm.

    p.s. ill have some pics of them later on today.
  2. not too sure what kinda day lengths you have there, but as far as i know, all my American friends are just starting to put plants out for vegging, and some from seed............and some are still waiting as it's too cold, one frost and you could lose them...........but if it was allready flowering for 3 weeks, they may be o.k.......but you wouldn't be harvesting till sept/oct ..........Peace out.......Sid

    unless you cover and uncover the plants every day, to allow 12/12........
  3. yeah if youre out there, you shouldnt have any problems. but i dont think your plant will finish flowering, it may go back into veg. everday leading up to the summer solstice is going to be another minute the sun is in the sky longer. youre going to need less light to flower, not more. but like sid said, you could cover them up.

    back here in the east, its still iffy with the weather. theres a rumor of snow...

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