theft in my own house

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  1. i have 2 roommates that i havent known very long but the reason i let them stay here is cuz they help pay the rent. just barely.

    one guy works his ass off at some day labor place and is an ok guy. a bit over bearing sometimes but i dont have much of an issue with him, but he is the one i know least.

    the other guy has been here since the beginning of august and hasnt even finished paying me his portion of the rent from last month. then has another 400 he needs to pay for this month. but im patient with him cuz i know he is getting a loan from his school and he said he would pay me for what he owes and then some to cover future expences.

    what is missing is my wallet and my food stamp card that supplies the formula for my kid who is 10 months old and on his last bottles worth right this second.

    last night i had my wallet on the living room coffee table with the card right under it. steve said he saw it on the tabel when he came home from school at 945 last night but when he woke up to go to work at 415 this morning he said he didnt notice if it was there or not.

    dan, i havent really spoken to about this yet. he was already asleep when i realized i really couldnt find it, but i woke him up and asked if he had seen it, he said some place but it obviously wasnt there,

    but of course he was half asleep. as far as im concerened the money is in someone's pocket and not mine. my wallet is in some trash can down the street. and my kids food is unable to be claimed.

    and so now i have to move out of my house cuz the 100 bucks in my wallet was the only thing keeping our heads above water and so my electric is gonna get turned off any day now and my cable and net will be gone too in about a week.

    so, what should i do? i was planning on moving anyways cuz the rent is cheaper where im going, but in the meantime any suggestions how i should approach this toward both parties that claim to not know a damn thing about what happened to it.
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    I hate to say it, your baby gotta eat. Hit a lick.

    If you dont know what it means, find out.

    Im sorry, tie them mother fuckers to some chairs, and beat the fuck out of them until one of em spills the beans.

    Just reading this pisses me off for you mane, I got a baby boy on the way, and knowing that if someone were to do ME like that, I would go off the deep end and fuck those *****s up.
  3. trust me i have already been thinking about that long before my wallet went missing. and trust me its fun but i dont encourage it to be a regular thing in order to acquire funds. only when you really really need it.

    like now yeah i could use to get into one now. but i dont have any one willing enough to go with me to knock it over. they are too pussy, even when i have it all worked out to the T. or no one i could trust to do it my way.
  4. Well man, start whippin some ass. Steal everyones car keys and tell them they dont get them back until you get your wallet.

    Hell, steal THEIR wallets and dont give em back till yours turns up.

    But serious man, with ROOMATES, not family, nothing is safe. You should have taken your wallet to your room when you went to sleep. Maybe next time youll be more careful, and not trust ANYONE with your shit.
  5. well its not about trust. maybe it is but i would figure that since im doing them a favor by letting them stay in my place for super cheap that they would give me the courtesy of not touching my shit. but i guess i gave too much slack.

    they dont have cars. they have bikes.

    but maybe i will go looking for a wallet or two.

    i really want to believe steve. just cuz i dont think he would be that stupid as to fucking with my shit. although any detective would say that he would be more than likely the guy cuz he works less than dan. but steve did say once that dan had told him not to lay money out cuz he might take some of it.

    so thats why i think dan did take it. of course thats only hearsay and i cant really go on that. cuz if i cant trust steve. then i cant trust that dan really said that. but if it is true that he did say that then my finger should be pointing at dan.

    he is asleep now and he is a pretty hard sleeper so im thinking that maybe i could sneak in there and grab his shit. i wish i took the time earlier in the day to look thru his stuff when he wasnt here.

    and yes im a dumbass for keeping my shit out. but its my fucking house and i shouldnt have to.
  6. thats really rough man, and I am sorry for your loss.

    but if your economic situation is so bad that you have food stamps too feed your kid and your barely able to make rent, you should probably cancel your TV/internet/all other non essential utilities and stop spending any money on weed (if you already do)
  7. Shit that's rough, hopefully it turns up somewhere, and hopefully your roommates aren't that big of ass holes to steal your earnings from you and your baby.

    Anyways I hope you find it and all is well..
  8. Thats fucked up bro. It probably is the shady dude, who knows. Thats not right.

    Whenever I have people I always make sure to keep my valuables in my sight ya know. But shit I guess it would be easy to slip up when the people have been living with you. Either way call up some big motherfuckers and go raid through their shit see if they have anything from your wallet.

    Start with the shady kid first.
  9. Im liking the idea of taking both their wallets or something. Or even better, take something of theirs, and sit them both down and be like

    "Well guys, i've taken something from both of you, and im not going to tell you what it is, nor where it is. My wallet was sitting here yesterday, and now it's gone. Logic says that it was one of you two, since a burglar would of taken something much more substantial then my fucking wallet....So when i get whats mine back, you'll get yours, Thanks. Now you can both fuck off. Leave my wallet on my bed."

    And walk out.
  10. Baby has to eat. Steal some shit for your son, thats the only honorable theft in my book.
  11. man you can't be too trusting. i'm usually the nice guy with my group of friends, and i have been so fed up with the way people take advantage of that, it's ridic.

    and especially in this shit economy, it isn't all that unusual for people to be stealing from whoever. it's becoming a sick world. not liking a bit of it.

    hope things turn out alright though, cuz man, we're talking about your kid here

    good luck!
  12. wow, me and my girl was just talking about the shit tht happned to me like this:

    my ex best friend stole my wallet right off my bed...lied and said it wasnt him(it was just me and my girl and him)///so i questioned him,searched his bedroom,etc...

    couldnt find it...about 2 weeks later..met him @ the park..gave him the hands....
  13. basically this, only do it with something valuable of theirs, make it known and that will even give the innocent party more ambition to find your wallet as well.
    i feel yah on this, i have a 10 month old son that gets his formula and food from stamps as well, all that money goes toward him, it goes toward bills and him, the only time i buy anythin for me is if i come across extra...and thats not often
    and i also know for a fact that if this were to happen in MY house...everyone should be worried, i wouldnt care if one guy was sleeping, since i dont know who took it, and cant afford to be nice about it, theyd both be getting a very rude wake up ad sit down and a few threats thrown in...

    are they on your lease?? if not threaten to kick them out if your wallet AND card are not found. if its not returned today, go to the office and get a new card, itll be kinda tough since im sure your i.d. was in your wallet, tho, but you should still be able to get it with some finagling;)
  14. damn dude thats shitty,just take there shit an pawn it,in till the value of what they stole is returned,but then again you don't know who took it,so its kinda a sticky situation,do a little more investagating,then do what you think is right is all i can advise,also good luck to you an your kid,it defiantly was fucked for someone to steal your kids food if you find out who really did it,you should take a baseball bat to his head an kick him out.
  15. so i used my whiteboard on the fridge and put it on the counter and drew a square with a thing saying i dont care who has my wallet but it needs to be put right here along with my food card and my 20 bucks thats missing from my desk or i will find it and i wont be happy.

    needless to say its still not there.

    so its long gone im sure. and its gonna take more money i donbt have to replace everything that was in it.

    it was a nice fucking wallet too. little swiss army thing. 100% leather witht eh swiss army cross thing on it in the corner. and a nice little spot to hold my acid tabs when i have them and cops would never find them.

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