thebigd^ is gonna do it all again!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thebigd^, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. 6(2mg) Klonopin
    12.5mcg DRIED fentanyl gel.
    1.5 Grams of BUD

    and of course the benadryl. no way in hell will i start this early tho!

    So.. t-minus 5 hours!
  2. lol, im waiting for some dope, i got some kpins and xanax

    can't wait till i pickup i aint nodded in forever
  3. Stop being such a g. lol

    Just be safe man.

    And nod yo ass off :D
  4. Oh well will be safe.

    I dont think I'll smoke quite as many pointers of fent as I did last night, just ask Dramacyde how bad I was ROFL.....

    And I wont take alot of those kpins either, but this bleeeezy of some dannnkageee its
  5. Im barred the fuck out 5 mg of xanax so far. Down to roaches and shake but its something to smoke so Ic ant bitch haha.. I wish I had some opies that would make this night so much betterrrrrr. Your crazy though I fent Id like ot try it sometime but damn id have to start hellah low.
  6. haha good luck man! I thought you were gunna give me those fentanyl!!! haha just playin.

    I see you found some bud too!
  7. uhhh, gotta wait til 10 tonight before i can nod :(

    i wanna eat some xanax but i dont wanna od again...fuck ill save em for tomorro
  8. Man you guys make me want to get messed up tonight! Sadly I got work at 6am :(, oh well we are throwing an acid party Friday night! Yea yea!

  9. Shit ***** all I got is 1g of nug. I can can't :smoke:
  10. 3 tab 10s.. 4 valium 10s..

    no bud cause this probation shit.. but ill do my thing.
  11. 5 hours my ass, dissappeared already man! hahahaaaa

    Have fun with that shit and dont take another plate dive
  12. I'm gonna be here man, probably taking a massive amount of time-release hydrocodone and popping some muscle relaxants or something to bump it up.
  13. have a good nod man. I should be getting some OC soon this weekend
  14. man you're in for some fuckin nods!! !
    lets the good vibes rolll your way bro
    i'm super messed up on a roxi 30 valum and some dank so i'll be noddin with ya
    jealous of dat fentanyl tho!! :hello:
  15. Thought you were giving everything up opies man? Not trying to be a buzz kill, just curious as to why you're using again.
  16. Just curious, how do you use dried Fentanyl gel? Puttin some gel under my tongue always gets me feelin good.

    I just got word that homie ain't gettin Fentanyl 75s anymore, and that was one of my best hookups.. :( I have one left that I haven't opened, and I'm gunna try and wait out a few more days before I bust out, dunno how well that's gunna work out though.

    Tonight will consist of a couple low end PKs I received earlier for free, and however much bud I can smoke since I have plenty
  17. Nicccce buddy.

    Just got back from work, gonna hit the b, read a bit, and hit the fuckin sack.

    Yeah, ill jack off too, but thats a given bros
  18. be safe man, have fun, hated knowing i had to wait to dose my nod-able too.
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    mmm, i fucked up so im noddin pretty hard right now, shot a .2 of some killer dope, feeling amazing.

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