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    Hey guys, this is my first grow log, and I'm a first time GC poster.

    Hoping for some experienced eyes during my first cycle. I've been lurking for a little bit, and this seems like a badass community. Any comments, critique or advice is greatly appreciated.

    Here's the details:

    + FoxFarms Ocean Forest soil (moisturized before entering the pot)
    + All water is filtered, measuring a 6.5 pH automagically
    + Lumatek shroud with 600w bulb
    - 6" ducts w/ inline fan venting out of the grow room
    + 3 gallon pots with tray
    + 6 healthy looking Bubba Kush clones from Berkeley (nice white roots showing)
    + Basement space, roughly 12 ft x 25 ft
    - Has been sterilized, scrubbed and dried after a hell of a lot of thorough work
    + Reflective sheeting surrounding 75% of the grow area from Day 2 onward
    - With vent holes reducing temp by a degree or two
    + Two buckets of water to increase grow room humidity from day 2 onward
    + Two stationary fans circulating air
    - With one fan trained on the plants at low intensity from 5-6 feet away
    - Heard this helps with stalk size & overall health...
    + HEPA filter w/ exhaust cooling the ballast

    DAY 1:
    Water: Soil was pre moistened and got one moderated watering
    Lighting: 18 hours solitary, uninterrupted lighting
    Nutrients: None
    Temperature: ~ 78-80 evening temp
    Humidity: ~ 65%
    + Plants 1-6 looking healthy, showing slight improvement, & little to no stress from transfer
    + Several spiders spotted in the room for the first time in days
    - I know they can be good for plants, but I can't live with 'em
    + About 5.5-6 inches tall for plants 1-6

    DAY 2:
    Water: Watered each plant until a slight run off (recycled run off for watering)
    Lighting: 18 hours
    Nutrients: None
    Temperature: 74 min 84 max, ~ 77.4 f / 62% h when undisturbed
    Humidity: 52% min 67% max
    + Noticeable growth in height, plants now measure ~ 6.5 avg
    + Reflective sheeting installed today
    + First humidity bucket installed
    + Irrigated the edges & middle of soil carefully
    + Plants seem slightly droopy toward the end of dark cycle
    + Standing tall in the light artificial wind (aside from slight droop)
    + Brighter green patches at the tops of plants
    + Small, slightly darker, purple-y patches on stalks
    + Cleaned, organized, swept and made the room 100% efficient & functional
    + Added some conversation co2 for about an hour

    DAY 3:
    Water: Soil was still very moist, only intermittent misting
    Lighting: 18 hours
    Nutrients: None
    Temperature: 75 min 81 max
    Humidity: 65 min 71 max
    + Little to no visible growth today
    + Plants look slightly droopy toward the end dark cycle
    + Plants do noticeably perk during light hours
    - Do look slightly better than yesterday, more "upright"
    + Second bucket increased the humidity noticeably

    Some questions I have:
    + Had a friend suggest Potassium Silicate (IIRC) to help roots with temp variance.... thoughts?
    + Same friend says Botanica big/grow/bloom set is much better than the GH Flora set because of a difference in Sodium (IIRC)... thoughts?
    - Silica blast?
    + When precisely to give first Nutes? (I've heard vague figures)
    + Does regular or intermittent breeze help strengthen plants, or am I asking for windburn?
  2. Etiquette question: Should I post updates here or move to the grow log board... thanks
  3. this looks like a good journal. however its in the wrong place. you should pop it on over into the indoor grow journal section, you'll get many more view's/comments there. You should add pictures too, they speak 1000 words. EACH!
  4. Awesome, will do. Pics will be ready tomorrow.
  5. It's now updated with pics, if you want to help me out and be the first to take a look go ahead and click the link in my sig. Thanks

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