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  1. okay i've had this little girl just chilin under some cfl's for a week now and it's shown so much of a difference since i got it..

    i was wondering if i should still let it sit under the lights for a while before i throw it outside..

    what are the flaws of doing that?..

    here are some images.. :D

    thankz in advancE!



  2. you have to get it used to the outside climate before you can place it outside permanently. first a few hours a day and just build it up.
  3. should i place it under another plant where there is shade for it... so its not just directly under the sunlight?..

    it's a great looking healthy plant.. the last one i had.. i just threw it outside and now its gorgeous and about to flower.. :D

    just want to take kare of this one a little bit more because this one is a clone and its different from seed right?.. or same difference?
  4. how soon can i clone from this clone?..
  5. okay here is a pic of what the bottom part of this clone looks like.. so you can see better. you its a good time for me to cut from it to clone it already or should i let it get bigger?


    also i have a big one outside and it's getting dark.. can i cut a trim of it so i can clone from it even though there wont be any sun to help it be strong during it's cut..

    should i wait till tomorrow and wait for the sun to come out and then cut it?..

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