the yummy bud I picked up tonight..

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by phisher_man, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. heres the nice bud I picked up of the same old good ass nugs from cali. It's dense as hell... like a rock, about 2 grams. Paid $20.... kinda, my dude actually forgot to take the money (dumbass) so I gave him $10 and said I'd hit him back later and he said it was cool so its all good. LOVE MY BUDS!!! :smoke:
  2. im a dummy!

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  3. look's tastey :)

    Can't wait to smoke some bud tonight and chill to cartoon network :)
  4. it looks pretty good for 10 bucks good times
  5. some mediocre fo sho
    i like rollin fat blunts of that stuff
    put it in a vanilla wrap
    smoke it til ur eyes run red and ur get real hungry
  6. Damnit, I really need to get a better cam.... I always misrepresent my bud. It's COVERED in red hair and crystals, and the cam makes it look way darker, but its cool... I'll buy a cam eventually. Bout to go smoke a bowl, peace!

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