The Youth Of Planet Earth

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    Does anyone else kinda get really frightened with how many 9 year olds think it's cool to wear snapbacks, american eagle, or abercrombie? I see them everywhere, and most of them are just painfully mainstream and have no interesting personalities what so ever. What happened to all the cool kids who used their imagination to their fullest potential, and didn't give a shit so they wore clothes from the gap, those zip off pants that turned into shorts, and track pants and all sorts of fashionably painful clothing? I honestly would prefer kids wearing that rather than DC and all sorts of expensive clothes that their going to grow out of in 6 months.

    not just the kids,
    their old ass moms are wearing bleached bedazzled jeans
  3. Those zip-off pants/shorts were the shit back in the day.
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    The youth just lacks creativity period.  Read sassymelassys 2nd post in the thread about french kids with adhd.  

    Preach, brotha.
    Just read his little snippit there, and oh my god I totally agree with him! However in the aspect of video games, I'd have to argue slightly against that. I played an unbelievably amount of video games when I was a kid, but not necessarily "halo CoD ohmygod yeeeuhh!" I played all sorts of video games. Like shadow of the colossus, and just everything under the sun in the ps2 & gamecube universe from harvest moon, to paper mario the thousand year door. However I did also exercise my imagination with action figures, playing outside, etc. But my point is that video games (at least games aside from first person shooters) do enhance your creativity I think! But everything else that he said, I completely agree with ^_^!
    Also, CaptnCasuL, I died at your comment xD.

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