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    Just thought of this, and nothing came up on a search.

    Post a would you rather question, and the guy below you answers it and asks another one, and so on and so forth.

    Would you rather only be able to smoke beast and below for the rest or your life, or never be able to clean your piece, or hit a clean piece?
  2. uhhh i would rather smoke beast and below out of a dirty piece duh!

    Would you rather have one billion dollars or have every woman in the world want to fuck you? (two good things)

    Decide bitchesssssss!!!!!!!!
  3. id rather have one billion dollars

    would you rather suck a dick or get fucked in the ass? bahahah
  4. probably the billion cus it would probably get annoying every women wanting u and after a while ur dick would just get sore

    would u rather eat a bite of shit or never be able to smoke weed again...ever

  5. I actually saw a thread similar to this a few days ago, but it was "this or that" or something. anyways I think ill let someone else answer this one.

  6. Eat the shit in a heartbeat.

    Sit in a tub full of cockroaches naked for an hour or dive head first into a pool of human blood.
  7. dive head first into blood

    would u rather put a needle under your toenail and kick a wall or never smoke weed again

    edit: damn didnt see someone else already posted that

    whatever answer it anyways, im too high for this shit

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