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the worst way to fall asleep

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bleenix, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. after a nice shower
    getting into bed
    breaking out the new bubbler

    ...spilling the bubbler all over my just cleaned body and pillow

    woke up smelling like shit
  2. that's royal shit. hope your day improves, dude.
  3. At least it wasn't period blood

    Omega369 :wave:
  4. [quote name='"Omega369"']At least it wasn't period blood

    Omega369 :wave:[/quote]

    that is true.
  5. why would someone fill their bubbler with period blood??

    thats fucking sick dude...

  6. :confused:. I always fill my bubbler and bongs with my girls period blood. Why let that shit go to waste?

  7. I thought that's what you were supposed to do :eek:
  8. with chewing tobacco in your mouth
  9. dude...

    you guys are wasting it. i make my monthly caviar with my girls period blood.

    careful to soak each nug in the blood before i powderize it with some bomb ass kief.

    its too precious to just throw in my bong man :/

  10. You're so right. Why not savor the taste AND get more out of it.
  11. Exactly.

    and your smoking fine period blood, with class.
  12. well this thread got really gross really fast.
  13. Perfect thread to read before work lol.
  14. I usually just drink the period blood. I mix it with my bong water before I drink it. It helps make sure I change the water every month.
  15. the fuck is going on in here...

  16. Why smoke, when you can snort? I dry my girls blood up with a hairdryer and snort it. Feeels goooood maaaaan.
  17. Worst way to fall asleep is at a red light lol
  18. we cant talk about other drugs yo...

  19. With coca cola in your mouth , wake up and your teeth have evaporated

    At a party as well haha

  20. Oh shit, I shouldn't have mentioned it... Sorry mods, I have a serious pussy-blood-snorting addiction. I won't mention it again!

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