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The worst Sour D i've ever had

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by NY Purple Haze, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. So, i recently decided to take a 2month T-break and wait for my NYCD plant to be harvested. Then, my dude hit me up to tell me he's got some sour d. without hesitation i hopped in the car and grabbed a dub. turned out to be pure garbage. worst sour d (if it even is) that i've ever had. why can't growers just dry and cure correctly? fuck, i can't wait to smoke my own weed. :(

    i didn't even bother to take nice pictures bc it sucks so bad.



    def not smoking until this plant is done, i've had it with this NY premature bullshit.
  2. Sorry to hear that, how was the smoke just on its own?
  3. Sorry man, that does look pretty bad. Have you ever had good Sour D?

    And are you still going to smoke that shit?
  4. still looks a little dank, what a douche.

    and thats why growing is best way to get what u want. it just takes so long!
  5. smoke was decent, but didn't have that signature sour d taste.

    ya, why not? the only problem i see with it, is that it's a bit premature, which means it doesn't have a full flavor and tastes a bit flowery. on top of that, it wasn't dried and cured right... it's so sticky that it either sticks together or to your fingers. it would be bomb if they would've invested another month into growing and drying/curing, the bud would be 100x better. so sad.

    doesn't seem so far, look at my sig. :D
  6. Looks like they chopped it early and just sold it without even drying or curing the bud
  7. I've never had a problem like that and I live in the city. Maybe get a new hookup?
  8. Well some people dont cure it right so it weights more.
  9. i did. the new hook up is me. :wave:
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