the worst part about not having weed...

Discussion in 'General' started by BlazeLE, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. is thinking about that first session when you do.

    i want to roll a fat blunt or joint so bad. im gunna get so baked. it fucking blows being completely broke. im so broke i cant even get a job right now. no gas, no car insurance, and cant afford synthetic piss because there is no way im passing a drug test. ive been taking omega 3 for about a month now and i havent smoked in 2 weeks so by now it should have an effect. the O3 combined with my 2 week and counting brake will destroy me. i cant fucking wait any longer.
  2. Hang in there brah. I'm lighting up one for you right now.
  3. hearing threads like this
  4. the weird thing is my days last forever but my weeks barely exist... like i was just questioning if it was actually 2 weeks or not and it certainly was... it fucking blows. i dont even have a phone right now to call someone up to chill. im pretty much stranded at home bored out of my fucking mind. and i dont live in an area where there is anything within walking distance. hell there isnt even anything to do within driving distance... this town sucks.

  5. already did that -__-
  6. That's sad.

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