The worst part about getting clean

Discussion in 'General' started by Jonsi, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Fuck the sunburn feeling from Niacin, hands down the worst part about getting clean is downing a glass of cranberry juice. How the fuck do yall drink this shit? It's killing me. I drank 2 glasses yesterday, and right now is my first glass of the day. I have it sitting in front of me and i don't even want to touch it. Maybe I should get some carbonated water or something and make it atleast fizzy :(
  2. you should use AZO standard pills, search it, but you take like 4 then drink water till you piss every thirty minutes and keep drinking and peeing till your piss is clear and then maybe take some creatine to make sure your levels are good and you should be set , no cran juice needed
  3. your kidding? i love that stuff.
  4. Cranberry juice isn't that bad. It has a bad aftertaste but besides that it's pretty good.
  5. you could just take cranberry pills....same effect
  6. AZO sounds too painful. Hell maybe it's not, but it gives me the illusion of pain, something about peeing different colours? But I'm not in a strict hurry to get clean, but I always like to be at a level where if I get called upon to do a piss test I feel atleast comfortable dilluting it and using products to dillute, and lately I've gone way past that level :-D
  7. I figured it was the same effect, but wasn't sure. maybe I'll pick some up tomorrow on my way home from work. I just have a mental block in my head that it is not as good being in pill form.., oh well
  8. well the pills themselves dont make u piss like cranberry juice does so make sure to drink a lot of water with them(it is what i am doing right now :))

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