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  1. post the names of some of the most graphic/disturbing fucked up pictures/videos on the internet. no links please, I'm just bored so I want to throw togeter a list, here's what I got
    2 girls one cup
    one man one jar
    one man one screwdriver
    one man one horse
  2. 3 guys 1 hammer
  3. bloodshow if its still up

  4. Yeah theres really no question it's 3 guys 1 hammer

    Fucking terrifying

    Sorry for telling you about that JCH

  5. I forgot about that one
  6. How in holy hell could you forget about that?:eek:
  7. lol its cool i didn't watch it because u told me, i watched it a while ago and i was just telling people not to watch it since u brought it up
  8. Is one guy one horse the one where the dude dies?
  9. definitely the BME Pain Olympics where the guy cuts his dick off. then theres another one where a guy shoves a dildo up hs penis. obviously it was fake but it looked pretty fucking real and disgusting
  10. holy shit i just watched three guys one hammer. im not being a whiny bitch or anything but i think that video should be removed from the internet and illegal if people have it on there websites. not that it was too gross just that thats a horrible video. anyone else agree?
  11. nope thats "Mr Hands"

    The worst of the internet is simply encyclopedia dramatica, becuase it contains all links, and all refrences to all that is scummy about the internet.

    As soon as you start using it to do a search, and get distracted by the "see Also" links your directed to to themes and memes you never could have imagined, or wished you'd seen.
  12. yep i was borderline mentally disturbed for about a week.

  13. Yeah, that one is pretty good. I remember him falling over after the horse is done fucking him, Im pretty sure he died.
  14. Unfortunately I've seen most of these... :(

    Nothing like good old lemon party :drool:
  15. 3 guys and 1 hammer is definitely fucked up...

    But what about 1 guy 1 jar? Hmmm?

    Watch that shit and get back to me! :eek:
  16. That three guys one hammer was the most horrible thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

    What is wrong with people?
  17. I think the worst I've seen are some very graphic self-castration pictures...bloody to say the least. :(

  18. lol Oprah. hahaha
  19. NO ones seen BME Pain olympics? the one where the guy chops off his dick with a hatchet then takes his balls out of their sack?

    edit- whoops saw the post on the first page... can someone tell me what 3 guys 1 hammer is before i go and look for it lol

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