The worst night of my life...

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  1. Last night was one of the most stressful, scary, overall least enjoyable nights of my life. This stories a little long but I always like reading everyone else's so here it is:

    Background - I'm 20 and just got my license two weeks ago. I suck at driving. I'm the only male ive ever met that absolutely hates driving and is scared shitless. I just hate everything about it i feel like it is so unsafe. Idk why I feel this way. I'm also deadly afraid of cops even if i didnt do anything wrong. Going to jail is one of the scariest things to me and anything having to do with cops freaks me out so bad.

    So im the driver of a full car and we had an eighth and were going to roll two blunts and save the rest. I wasnt worried about driving with this at the time because one of my friends (F) is just a weirdo and loves to do weird shit. Therefore, he wouldve ate the eighth before i stopped the car if i did pull over. All of us are fully sober but F had drank a little bit prior, he seemed fine though, maybe just a solid tipsy at best.

    So we go and smoke and everything is fine. Were just at our spot chilling in the car. Talking, listening to music, w/e. Even F is talking like nothing is wrong. So eventually we figure its time to leave. 10 mins into the drive back, F just explodes in vomit on himself. I guess i forgot to mention this is my dad's car im driving, and now theres some vomit in it and its like the fifth time ive driven, yay:hello:. So i pull over so we can clean this shit up. As were doing so, guess who decides to stop by? New York's finest state troopers. They ask us what was going. We tell them are friend just got sick and we had to clean it up. Keep in mind none of us are 21. He asks who the driver is i show myself and i seem fine so the cops didnt care much. They ask about some shooting they heard (I guess hunters or something) and we actually did hear it so we pointed them in the right direction and they were on their way. However, during the time the cops were there, we still had some of the eighth and a kid that was completely under age and drunk. Since we just smoked, for some reason i perceived everything the cops said as me being busted. It was the weirdest thing and it never happened to me. For some reason every time they spoke i felt like we were about to be searched or something. It was the worst thing ever.

    So we get the car cleaned up but there is still a faint smell. Two of my friends couldnt handle it but my friend J could so me and J drive off to take F home because my other friends found a new ride. So I take F home and then proceed back to where me and J live. At this time its about 1 AM and another group of friends are with one of my best friends at a bar. J doesnt get along with this group, but he was going to meet up with a girl. So i tell them ill come get them and we can go to the diner or something. I knew they were drunk, but i thought they were just at a good drunk and not blacked out or anything.

    So i set out to get them its about a 15 min drive and my first time driving alone, at around 1 or 2 in the morning, after smoking an hour or so prior. But it wasnt as bad as i imagined and i get there fine. But next thing i know, my whole group of drunk friends is running at my whip. They get in and are just trashed. My boy gets in the front and just is passed out for the rest of the night (2-3 hours) in the front seat. The other three are in the back just wasted. Apparently, they all got destroyed and were fighting each other. Like, friend on friend fights. They are idiots. They always get drunk and fight each other but make fun of me for smoking. But thats another story...

    So my friend tells me to stop off at the gas station first. He gets 3 4lokos for the 3 of them in the back. One of them is 21 so i dont care as long as they dont open them. Of course they dontt listen to me, but im so awful at driving i didnt want to distract myself. So i just drive. 10 mins later, New Yorks finest State Troopers decide to check up on me AGAIN. Im being pulled over now with 3 open 4 lokos in my dads whip. Everyone is drunk and only one person is 21. Luckily i stashed the bud prior to getting them though. So the cop comes up and can tell everyone is wrecked. So he asks for my license and registration and i give him this little paper license i have since its new and explain to him. He asks me to get out the car. Im fucking shook. He asks me whos been drinking and i tell him everything honestly. He says ok go speak to my partner. His partner made me do that test you follow the pen with your eyes. Then he asks me the last times i slept and ate. I tell him. I got no idea why he asked that and ive never heard of that. Then he asks if theres anything else in the car besides the lokos i tell him no. I think the officers could hear in my voice how nervous i was because i was so shook and clearly not drunk at all. So finally they tell me to get back in the car. Then he comes up to the car with all our id's and the lokos. He gives me my id and saysthe reason he pulled me over in the first place was one of my license plate lights were out:confused:. He says hes not going to give me the ticket since its not my car anyway. Then he goes "Ok and you guys cant be driving around with open liquor you guys know better so im just going to give it to my dead homies." Were just looking at him dumbfounded like what? Then he goes "Ok this ones for Pac" pours out one loko then goes "Ok this ones for biggie" pours out the third and goes "Alright and a little for ODB". I thank him with all my heart and soul and he lets me go with absolutely nothing. I cant believe my luck on this night at this point so i get the fuck out of there.

    We go to the diner. My boy still passed out in the front. Stays in the whip the whole time. We get to the diner and my friends are just a drunk scene. Fighting eachother and almost fought some idiot. It was just a mess. Finally got them all home and got myself home.

    All in all the worst night of my life. Extremely stressful. Never been so scared, ever.

    Sorry for the long read, but I like reading people's stories like this so figured id share mine.
  2. Then he goes "Ok and you guys cant be driving around with open liquor you guys know better so im just going to give it to my dead homies." Were just looking at him dumbfounded like what? Then he goes "Ok this ones for Pac" pours out one loko then goes "Ok this ones for biggie" pours out the third and goes "Alright and a little for ODB".

    Dude that cop is a motherfacking BOSS! i woulda told him too!:hello:
  3. Damn dude! you should feel amazing after getting away with that. They sound like some pretty chill cops! btw its probably best if you dont let your freinds keep doing that in your car. Their going to get you fucked over dude.
  4. Haha thats the first cop I dont want to fuck.

    Fuck 99% the police
  5. Lol that's awesome :p I've had a good close call too like that, maybe I'll post it one day
  6. Yeah I know. I just feel bad because for the past 3 years or so they've always given me rides no problem. Ive probably given them gas money like, three times total in my life. So I was tryna hold them down. Obviously I was being too nice though Im not having shit like that at all anymore last night was just way too much.

  7. How you are the only anything you've ever met, dude? Are you the only "you" that you've ever met? You can't 'meet' yourself, bro. Whoa!!!! :eek:
  8. You sound like that friend who is always scared of getting caught and is no fun to bring along.
  9. You are way to paranoid man.
  10. You're scared of driving so you decide to get fucked up and drive

  11. Lol you are puss. That sounds like a good night haha.
  12. [quote name='"BA"']You're scared of driving so you decide to get fucked up and drive


    Exactly what I was thinking lmfaoooo
  13. I don't drink, and I'm 22 (Just got my license 3 months ago). So I hate it too, also cops scare the shit out of me, your not alone!
  14. That's the funniest thing I've ever heard a cop say
  15. Honestly does not sound to bad of a night. Now if you got tazed then later mauled by a herd of deer then that would be a bad night.
  16. I hate cops man, they act so damn suspicious of everybody, I love park rangers though they all seem super chill like one time we camped out in this state park of some walking trail and got real stoned and we we were laughing so loud at some shit they must of heard us cuz we were walkin down the trail and they rode up in their golf cart and were like were you the guys campin out here, and we we were so high and I'm sure we smelled like mad weed, and the one guy was talkin to us and the other guy just kept laughing at us and they let us go.
  17. hahaha thats so fucking awesome, seemed like a cool cop. not all cops are dicks, had a few run ins with some cool coppers
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    Nahh man.. "fuck that ranger bitch doe!"

    One time me and my two other friends wanted to go camping so we went to a state site and as we were pulling in about to register, a ranger comes up and asks us what we were doin.' I replied that we were just lookin for a campsite and she(big ole fat bitch) says "are you aware that you have to be 21 to camp here?" or have a parents signature, we're lookin at eachother like :confused: because I've never heard that before and we were all 18. She says wait a minute and goes into her little office and talks to (who she says is her boss) for a good 10 minutes while we're waiting there. Comes out and says "no luck, my boss says we can't do that" and then I ask her if we can go get a signature and come back, and then she says angriliy "dont go around the corner and write up a sheet, i dont take no bullshit." It was outta nowhere and totally undeserving. We decided just to dip and ended up down the street at a private campsite. chatted with the owner a bit, who was totally chill and said he never heard of having to be 18 before.

    So all in all we had an amazing time with some unmentionables and mother mary in a campsite right next to the ocean for $20. (vs the $35 at the public park w/ a bitch ranger who undoubtedly would have checked on us regularly.)

    This is how we coined the term "Fuck dat ranger bitch doe."

    and OP, i would say that COULD have been the worst night in your life,
    funny miss and lucked out twice. The cops seemed pretty chill too with the pouring out to my homies, was he smiling or being a satirical asshole whilst doing that? Also, i would never take out my friends with that state of intoxication again. I doubt that you never threw up in their car and started fights with random people and got them pulled over..
  19. Dude if I had two separate encounters with staties in one night and did not receive any infractions of any sort, I'm pretty sure I would be calling that the best night of my life...

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