The Worst Luck

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    Hey GC,

    Pretty slow night tonight, just chillin, figured I'd tell you all a story.

    My best friend loves to ride his bike everywhere. His family doesn't enjoy much luxury (I won't go into details, but they have pretty much zero money), so a car isn't really a privilege for him (though he has his license). Anyways, he was riding to work one day and totally wiped out. He fell off his bike so hard he shattered his elbow, and the stress of the break was so intense it dislocated his wrist. Unfortunate, but I laughed my ass off at him because it is totally something he would do. Who the fuck falls off their bike?

    So he ends up having surgery and getting hooked up with mad hydrocodone. They put a plate in his arm with pins (I don't know the specific details) and he got a gnarly scar. He was in a sling for 3 months and was so helpless without good use of his good hand.

    Some quick background- my family owns a timeshare in Cape Cod and we go the same week every year. My two siblings and I each get to take a friend; my brother and I each have our own cottages for us and our friends. It's also pretty awesome, since it's isolated from the rest of my family and has a kickass view of the ocean- I love sitting on the roof and smoking blunts while looking out over it. Anyways, I'm pretty high, and the timeshare week is coming up, so I digress. :smoke: This kid is practically my brother and has come for the last 4 years or so, and just last year I began to bring my girlfriend. He got his cast off and was taken out of the sling HALFWAY THROUGH the timeshare week this past summer. We were so pumped that he could finally do shit.

    Dude... we're walking down the fucking street in the Cape and this truck comes screaming around the corner and slams into my friend. Nothing too major, but he went right up over the roof as could be expected. It was the most motherfucking surreal thing you could ever see. I didn't even run to him right away- I stood there like "DID THAT JUST FUCKING HAPPEN?" My girlfriend actually ran to him first, haha. The motherfucking kicker? THE DUDE BENT THE PLATE IN HIS ARM!! Bam. Just like that, more surgery and back in the sling for another couple months.

    That's my story. Whenever I think about it, I laugh. Is that bad? :hello:

    In case you're wondering, he's been all good for a little while now. My buddy didn't want to press charges, he just wanted the guy to pay the hospital bills. The dude looked pretty shaken up over the whole thing, but it all turned out all good.

    Night GC
  2. I definitely do not envy your friends luck, but atleast it was just his arm both times.

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