The worst joints ever rolled thread.

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  1. What's the worst joint you have ever seen or smoked? I have had my fair share of terrible joints rolled with printer paper, note book paper, and construction paper. Tell your stories! I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that has had to deal with nasty/terrible joints.
    Here's my story:

    Ok so me and my friend were hangin out waitin for my other friend ( who is a new smoker, he had only smoked like 3 times) to show up. We had smoked him out all of the times he had smoked and he promised to pay us back. So he calls me and says he picked up a gram of mids and that he would meet us in about ten minutes.

    Twenty or so minutes later he finally arrives looking proud. He said he rolled a joint and that he thought it was pretty good for a first time roll. He then proceeded to head to our designated smoking spot to smoke us out. We arrive and he wips out a baggy with an oddly Shaped thing in it. I asked him what it was and he said Its a joint man! He then pulls it out of the baggy and let's me examin it. First thing I notice is that it is made out of printer paper. Second thing was when you shook it it rattled in side. At this point I am like ...what the fuck is this thing. I can't tell if it's a joke or the real thing. I got my answer when a couple pieces of weed fall into my hand. ( the entire time I'm looking at it my friend is just grinning like he made a work of art or something. The friend who I was hangin with before this noob came is just looking at it like was an alien or something, which it pretty much was. I had never seen anything like it before. So all I say is what the hell man, printer paper? He says Yea that's All I have. Is printer paper bad? It's good for a first time though , right? I then say, whatever man, let's try it out.

    So he lights it up(which took for ever) and he gets some smoke and immediatly spits it out. He says dude a lot of weed flew into my mouth. I tell him to pinch the end a little more. Finally I get a hold of it and say : What the hell, weed is weed. I take a tiny drag on it and immediatly feels weed flying into my mouth and throat. After choaking it all up I see that the joint is canoed and that all of the weed spilled out. I just threw it down and got out my peice and some good MJ. Needless to say, that was deffinetely the worst joint I have ever attempted to smoke.

    So fellows, your stories please!!
  2. back in the good days of high school my friend rolled a joint so bad the little burning embers of weed dropped all over my 200 dollar pair of jeans and completely fucked them up,
  3. The worst joint I ever rolled looked something like this.


    I'm pretty high...:smoking:

  4. Guess they werent "Wrangler tough".

    In my group, we dont roll much, but when we do, its me rolling. So it doesnt suck.
  5. lol, $200 jeans.
  6. Bought a rolled joint, and decided to take it apart to conserve weed.

    Found lint and hair in it.

    Threw it out.
  7. Lint and hair... That is by far the worst ha ha. If that was sold to me I might have to go kick some ass
  8. today i was smoking with this newbie and was trying to impress him i guess, i rolled a perfect jay but when i put the roach-filter thing in i didnt realize it caught onto sum of the paper inside the joint and blocked it, we burned down half the joint trying to get it right...then to make up for it i rolled a really mediocore blunt...i was ashamed lol
  9. the other night i rolled a joint and it WOULD NOT burn.
    we lit it multiple times but it just wouldnt work.
    were thinkin it was packed too tight, i mean why else would it not burn, right?
    and the thing that sucked was we went to this party, cops came, so i tossed the joint when we were running from the cops, which had probly 2 gs in there.
  10. i dont know whats worse. the fact that you wear 200$ jeans, or the fact that you smoked a joint over your 200$ jeans.

  11. When that happens just apply pressure on the joint using ur thumb and index finger, and roll it a bit...that usually loosens up the jay if it's too clogged.
  12. lol when i started smokig a couple years ago i thought it would be cool and dandy to smoke a nice fat blunt out of a dried leaf. i thought of backwoods and how they are leaves, so i proceeded to my back yard pick a nicely size leaf. brought it inside and blow dried to to dry ti out a bit. rolled it up and licked it shut-finally shut. toasted the outside with a litter. smoked that shit. it was difficult to light, kept getting unrolled, got me really high but wouldnt do it again
  13. really fat joint but it wouldnt light LOL we were pissed this was in like hs
  14. The joints in the pictures that D.A.R.E. would put in their propaganda leaflets and pass out to us at school
  15. I'm notorious for my fatass spliffs :D

    but the worst joint i've ever had was one I rolled at my sailboat with my dad. It was rolled with like .09 :rolleyes: so i twisted it up tight in the paper, it was a millimeter thick and as long as a paper... lol :smoking:
  16. That joint look anything like this?


  17. one time me and a friend i smoke with occasionally went on a joint ride. We both rolled a joint and we smoked mine first and its fine. Then while im driving I see him go to light his joint and the entire thing caught on fire. I couldnt stop laughing at his fail.
  18. A couple of years ago i was hanging out with a bunch of friends and these guys rolled a joint on bible paper. It was really fucked up...I didnt smoke it

  19. haha maaan i wish!
  20. A while back when me and my buddies were smoking in the woods, my one friend rolled the shittiest joint ever with this strawberry paper. He essentially wrapped the weed up like a present lol. It was so fucking loose.

    And to make matters worse, we were being divebombed by bats. Scary shit.

    Man, I haven't smoked a joint in a long time. Back in the day, I was a really fucking good joint roller. I imagine I've lost my skill since then.

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