The worst high i've ever had.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cloud10_2003, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. i smoked today for the first time in a while because i have been waititng for my ged test but on all my pre tests i scored above average so im i smoked about 1-2 hours ago it was a sativa and it was dark...there are no lights on because my plant is on 12/12 i only have on my computer and like my keyboard and modem so im listening to music and shit chillin and i look at my modem and i have it on the floor in a weird angle so it was making this face with sharp teeth and like horns and eyes or some shit and i was tripped the fuck out like wtf so im like w.e yolo not a very religious person i go and smoke again come back in start listening to skrillex's bangarang ep and this song called the devils den came on...and im like no then the next song was called right in...and im like nooo wtf....and then i skip again and the song is called right on time and i look to the left and see the devil face thing again and im like aw fucking shit and i end up turning on some bob marley and chilling out....shit sucked ass.
  2. Aah I love switching to Bob Marley whenever a song I'm listening to you gets TOO POWERFUL. One time I ended up watching The Duck Song on youtube and I got super nauseous and ended up throwing up.

    Now I can just switch to my Bob Marley playlist, chill, and remember to BREATHE!
  3. Check it for signs of mold. Smoking moldy weed can really fuck with your head and vision. I smoked moldy weed without knowing it and I swear my vision started going wavy as shit and I kept seeing a grid pattern that would turn into a spiderweb. I was pissed.
  4. That sounds like mold makes weed more potent lol :p

  5. Naw i dont think there was mold because i smoked earlier today with the dude who sold me the bag and i was ok but i think since its the first time ive smoked in a couple months and it was some strong dro it fucked with me lol

  6. LOLOL man that shit was weird tho first i see the face....then a song called the devils den comes on then right in...then right on time

    its like hey LOL im the devil welcome into my den come right in your right on time LOLOLOL wtf
  7. Dude.........i don't know. Fuck.

    Edit: That sucks man.

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