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the worst feeling...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dc123, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Damn, don't ya'll hate the feeling of having to go to work in a few hours.

    It's like I'm counting down the time of freedom I have left.

    Worst feeling ever.... it sucks.

    Smoking and chillin until then
  2. I usually never blaze before I have to go somewhere it's just not a good feeling imo to be paranoid and freaked out, But that's just my opinion...
  3. yup..3 hours and 51 minutes
  4. I'm at work right now :( Here for another 4 hrs and 45 mins
  5. Find a job you enjoy going to.

  6. easier said, then done
  7. I work a set schedule mon - fri

    i wake up every morning and realize "i have to go to work, damn, and its fuckin 7:30 damn"

    then i get to work and i remember that i need money lol
  8. I prefer to smoke right before work in the parking lot. I work at a mall and the mall security drives around and just doesn't care at all that I'm smoking haha. But I find that when I am high at work, I actually work and stay focused with it. When I'm sober I often times get really bored and start wasting my employers time by talking to co workers and messing around.
  9. You should at least be happy you have a job man. Just sayin' some people can't even afford anything
  10. It's bittersweet I guess. I try and think of it as "I am making money so it isn't all that bad."
  11. that why i dont work. fuck that slave shit
  12. I actually like going to work. plenty of cool people work at the coffee shop i do. and a lot of great customers come in as well. tips are amazing and my main source of money to buy my weed. only bad part is the early morning shifts, but all the free coffee and food keeps me awake.
  13. [quote name='"PiffyHaze"']that why i dont work. fuck that slave shit[/quote]

    Na that's cause you're 15.
  14. yeah wage slavery sucks. thats why its hard for me to actually want to find a job... i mean when i do get a job im pretty much only going to work enough to feed my dog and buy weed. since i dont have anyone to move out with im just gunna stay at home till i move out of the state.
  15. Better than school

  16. ..... wtf? :rolleyes:
  17. [quote name='"PiffyHaze"']

    ..... wtf? :rolleyes:[/quote]

    Just an idea lol
  18. At least your making money but I agree not everybody gets treated fairly when they do work, I wouldn't like the job either if the boss was an egotistical short-temped douche or if the conditions weren't lively guess I'm not doing that corporation shit after I graduate.
  19. I just got home from work ... Nine. Fucking. Hours.
  20. 2 hours of scanning and baging crap left, people are assholes, but I smoked before work so Im in my own little corner.

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