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The Worst Feeling In The World

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FeelGood, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. Man. This totally sucks my ass. It is 4:05 and I have no bud. Dry as a bone. No money. I am going to try to find some friends to toke up with, but it might be hard because I am the one who always has weed.
  2. Tough break man, sorry to hear it. My friend owed me $35 and couldn't get it to me today, so I thought I was gonna be smokeless on 4/20 (with the exception of a bong at midnight). But luckily, I got some cool dealers, and my friend spotted me a gram to get me through the day. :D
  3. Good news. A while back I gave a dude $100 to get me some weed on 4/20 so I would definately have some. Went and picked it up. Now I'm blazed. Would have been bad if I forgot about the bag. Happy Tokin, Happy Holidays.
  4. personally i think the worst feeling in the world is waking up and wanting to smoke... but as soon as you sit up you feel a stabbing pain in your chest.. coughing about every 15 seconds... sweating soo bad.. went out for a walk so i could get some fresh air and get short of breath bout 50 feet from my house, so i came back and try to take a few hits off my bowl... as soon as the smoke touches my lungs i cough for a half an hour straight starting to spit up green fluid.. try that all day... that was my april 20th... and today... feels like a constant heart attack...
  5. ^^ i think hes got you beat lol. cs shoota that sucks. sorry you didnt feel well on 4/20... theres always next year.
  6. k, as long as we makin it a competition (and the competition is against cs_shoota, as i know he wont mind... hi dude)....

    wakin up less than an hour after you got to sleep after hours of agony, you wake up in the exact opposite state you were trying to avoid when getting to sleep... you are now too hot, sweating infact.... not good news. you have raynauds syndrome, and sweating makes you cold, and even just a little cold means you're fucked for a few hours, first as the bloodflow slows to your hands and feet (all your lower half and back too if you're addicted to smoking tobacco as i am), then after wincing from the pain as you try to do your best to find that balance between no drafts through holes in the covers and staying war, you start to drift of in that brief lul before the storm. thought getting cold was the bad part? no... getting back to normal body temp is the bad part, this is where basically yer blood is now squeezing through previously (near)dry viens and arteries, which causes spasms of pain. sleep? HA! you gotta be fuckin joking. you'll be in tears either from pain or frustration long before sleep. then you roll over to see that you have to be up in less than 3 hours. great.

    after eventually drifting off you wake up to the noise of your alarms and mother banging at the door. consiousness. great. the pain down your back could either be your old back problems again or, raynauds syndrome venturing to new pastures... all medical researh i've read says its only suposed to effect your extremities. the moment you wake you realise you can barely feel your legs until you concentrate on them... then you wish you hadn't.

    oh how wonderfull life feels.

    so, time to get up and go to a training course. through much effort you manage to get dressed and ready, only to realise that THE HEATER WAS OFF because yesterday was sunny and then after taking all ginkgo biloba and other suppliments realising that they wont take effect until way later, meaning you will have already become cold, and hence, in pain due to the shitty heating at that place of bullshit time wasting. and so... you don't go... again. meaning you may loose money from the agency sponsoring you to waste your time doing nothing at this place. so the next few hours are spent with you pulling funny faces at the strange things your body is putting you through while you sit on the heater on full blast hoping to get it over with.


    fuck this.
    i'm not even at noon yet! tired of writing out this level of detail yesterday.
    suffice to say, even though the day does get better... it doesn't get better by much, xcept for a friend i havnt seen for ages dropping by. but then... that did mean ending up going into town and getting drunk and smoking more tobacco! DOH!

    i'm not about to say that this is by any means the worst feeling in the world. just thought it would be worthwhile to show in contrast to the title piece just incase anyone didnt reccognise it's title as an exaduration. :D
    remember... there are people out there with MS.
    the scale is big.
    as bad as we feel, there is always someone out there feeling worse.

    time flys when you're not in pain or prison.
  7. ....oh, and it's now that time of day again where my story began. lol. except this time due to drinking its already 3 hours before i have to wake up and i've not even started to go through the fear and pain of having to get undressed (thus cold, thus pain for hours) to go to bed.
  8. ^^^^^^^

    Digit wins.

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