The worst experience ever involving a little rabbit.

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  1. So last night me and a few buds were walking down to the pub, i had smoked a doobie before hand so I was kinda baked. We're walking down the road and this rabbit runs out of the bush right in front of us. Well my friend being the guy he is just jokingly goes "A bunny!" and chases after it a little bit not meaning any harm, he just wasn't really thinking cause we were all laughing in a good mood, pumped to drink some beer.

    Well, this fucking rabbit runs away but comes right at the rest of us on the sidewalk just as cars started whipping by. So it tweaks out and starts trying to run away but it was having these weird spasms at the same time. Everyone thought it broke it's lag, but I'm pretty sure it was just very scared and lost control of itself (think humans losing control of their legs and can't stand when they're super scared). So this thing is spasming and running away at the same time, but it runs onto the side of the road with cars whipping past and starts freaking out more. By this time were all freaking out trying to grab it off the road, but it runs out even further into the road, right in the middle. Quickly me and my friend who chased it in the first place run after it to grab it but it's just going crazy, and these two cars are coming right at us so we had to move.

    I thought we were going to witness it get killed but fortunately the car just misses it so my friend runs out again and grabs it by the scruff of the neck, but as he's running back the thing is kicking and squirming and my friend loses grip. He doesn't want to drop it in the road again and have it run off cause lo and behold MORE cars were coming. So he throws it.... just a light underhand toss right into the bushes, it landed on the dirt and ran away. It was the worst thing I have ever witnessed we were all pretty bummed out after for a bit but I think it was okay in the end seeing as it ran off, but my friend said it was still having spasms.

    Moral of the story, guys, if you see a rabbit remember they are very timid creatures especially if they live in the city. So don't chase after them. My buddy said he used to chase rabbits on his uncles farm all the time when he was a kid so he didn't think it would freak out like that. We dedicated our first round to that rabbit, what a trooper.
  2. What A NIGHT!
  3. That's so good of you guys! Good job saving the rabbit! +rep!

  4. Thanks man :) it was scary to watch but we definitely did our best haha

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