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The worst anyone has ever tried to rip me off...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HIGH IQ, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So yesterday me and my dudes (3 of us) go out to pick up a sack to blunt cruise later because lately thats what weve been doing (generally I hate blunts).

    My guy is pretty reliable and for the past 2-3 months has been the most reliable connect Ive ever had out of give or take 20-25 different people, and for my area, has hooked me up with some of the dankest bud in the city. So Ive been pretty impressed with this guy from a personal and business standpoint.

    Yesterday however, things took somewhat of a turn for the worse, much worse... My guy has lost his good hookup, and lately has been getting lower quality shit, which is okay. But just yesterday he calls us up before we call him and tells us hes got some of the dankest shit hes had in awhile, which all he has left of is a 15 (which should have been 1g) then called us and said he has about 1.5, a 20.

    So we show up and my friend goes in and comes back out with about .5 - .6 worth of shake, that I soon realized was literally the rest of his zip that he ripped the corner off of and tied in to a ball. Needless to say I was fucking astounded. It was not even chronic but really high mids (what hes been giving us lately).

    We called him up, my friend we dont usually buy from him with got pretty pissed, maybe overly, and he eventually agreed to go out and buy more and give us a G or 1.5, dont remember which, for free and it would take an hour. He ended up never calling so we called him up and he answered and said that he couldnt get ahold of us and that he couldnt get it tonight but tomorrow would give us 2 gs for free.

    Thoughts on this? I mean, all I can say is that in all my years of buying Ive never had someone try to rip me off that bad.
  2. sketchy dealer is sketchy. just find another one. there's millions of them.
  3. People like to get away from the dealers as fast as possible during the deal.

    They have their money already counted and in their hand, then the connect hands over the bag and you give the money.

    No one ever looks at it, asks to have it weighed or anything. You can tell a dealer you dont want his weed..if he over reacts, then he isnt old enough to be handling a business.
  4. well, you should be glad this is the worst you've ever been ripped off.
  5. True dat haha. At least I didnt get robbed or something.

    Here there arent that many dealers, let alone reliable and good ones. Hes been the best Ive bought from since I first started smoking with my dude who was a grower and had great homegrown all the time.

    So fucking true. At first he tried to play it off apparently, but then basically rolled over because we think he knew he was caught.

    If he comes through with the deal and gives us the free bud I think all is well, and Ill be telling him to never sell me shake because I wont buy it and probably finding a small scale to check the weight with from now on. If he doesnt come through with the deal we are never buying from him again.

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