The Worst Anti-Drug Movie EVER

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  1. Soooo I'm stone right now and I just watched the funniest video ever!!!
    It was meant to be a PSA against drugs using a whole bunch of cartoons and this kid is like tripping!!! If I was a kid watching this back in the day I would definitely want to try some weed!!! This is one of my favorite videos ever and I just thought I would share it with the GC community.

    (Don't know how to embed the youtube video into the thread but here the link. ENJOY!!! :smoking:

    [ame=]YouTube - Cartoon All Stars (Completo)[/ame]
  2. Lol ohh look like it did it on its own cool :smoking:
  3. I remember watching that shit as a kid, holy shit that just made my day :D

    Alf chilling with Alvin and the Chipmunks under the bed ftw!
  4. yeah they ran that one sat all 3 local channels when i was like 8
  5. So... If I smoke pot, I will see all the cartoon characters I actually remember from my childhood? Hell yeah! Hook me up!
  6. yeah but they're all mad at you, its like you're childhood is pissed at you! And for no good reason. Atleast you got that smoke/ghost thing to chill with :p
  7. yeah man that ghost thing was fuckin sick. I'd chill with him any day.

    That entire video was a trip.

  8. Hell yeah that's what I'm saying!!! If I was a kid watching this I would so wanna try it!!!
  9. After watching the first two minutes, here are my initial observations:

    1) Papa Smurf is a fucking badass. The dude rips off his shirt when it's time to spring into action.
    2) This kid is a fucking weirdo. Who has a framed 8x10 of ALF on their dresser?
  10. That was trippy as hell lol
  11. Agreed!

    You know what I just realized though...smurfs are fucking weird!
  12. "artificial high" :rolleyes:

  13. Lmao seriously the smurfs are weird!!! But Alf takes the cake on weirdness

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