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The worlds smallest vaporizer.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hornyforthefunk, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Ok so todays the last day I'll be at my boring low paying job so I thought I'd swing by Borders (bookstore) and grip up the new high times since I haven't peeped in a while.. anyways I was reading and found this website for the worlds smallest vaporizer which is believed to be "95% less damaging than smoking". Yeah this little thing :confused: Any thoughts on this device.. I think i'm gonna test one out but I'm seeing if anyone knows someone who has one or has one. [​IMG] Heres some details if you don't feel like going to the site.. [​IMG]

    Lemme know!:smoking:
  2. that vape looks like a one hitter, how does that small lil thing vaporize it and how many bones does it run for?
  3. Yes, you can also use free-base meth pipes in the same way.

    I use one to smoke honey oil and budder.

    Very similar to this photo:

  4. Yea ive seen that advertised a lot too, it seems like a good little idea but idk how well it really works.....
  5. Sorry dude that Meth word sucks.. I would never be caught using one of those! lol

    It's 15 US Dollars.. Yeah its too bad it's a one hitter.. but it looks so... portable. :D

    Yeah not to sure how it works too.. The site had testimonials but i'd rather get GC's opinion on this little guy.
  6. Haha yeah, you get funny looks, that's for sure.
  7. Hahaa dude I've never seen meth and never want to ever. That shits wack. Ganja FTW!!!:wave::wave::wave::smoking:
  8. ive looked into them and most people who I talked to who bought them said that they break so easily so they are not very portable in that respect
  9. have fun holding the lighter up to it for a minute for each hit
  10. Candle works best. My wife has tons of them. The hard part is finding one that doesn't smell fruity.
  11. i could never do that... its what heroin addicts do.
  12. Um, no... it's cannabis extract.... not heroin.

    I don't know many heroin addicts who have wives who like fruity smells candles anyways.
  13. you should probably re read my post and not get so defensive
  14. crackpipe much? i wouldnt be caught dead smoking out of that around my friends theyd think iwas smokin rock........

  15. lol word...
  16. Haha I can't believe you guys will bash it when half of you never have even tried it. It looks like a small glass pipe, my roomate has 2 and we actually use them all the time, as far as a small, super cheap vape go, they actually aren't too bad. And yeah, the candle is definitely key to getting it to work right. Give it a shot, you'd be surprised!
  17. lol just cuz it looks like a crackpipe doesnt mean your smoking crack. Its like just because you smoke handrolled cigarettes doesnt mean your smoking cannabis. I'd use it.
  18. Wow, some of you are fucking idiots. Worried about your friends thinking you're smoking crack? Gee, what does that actually factor out to in reality? Your friend ask, "Dude, are you smoking crack?"

    In which you reply;

    "Nah dude, it's this new vaporizer pipe that I bought online"

    I guarantee they'd be like;

    "Sweet, let me try that shit out!!"


    "Dude, no way am I going to hit that crack pipe."
  19. Yeah crack usually comes in green doesn't it? I know if I bought one I'd tell all my friends to hit that green crack we call WEED! :mad: fuck people. (not the people who have sensible posts) thanks guys :D

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