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The Worlds smallest internet political quizz

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Apr 16, 2003.


IS this the best thing since sliced bread?

  1. yeah, it is.... infact i dont think i ever need to buy any sliced bread ever again because of this!

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  2. Nope, there's no way i can spread PB&J over this.

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  3. cunning. ;) i don't need a test like this to tell me where i stand politically.... but it was c

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Take the test and post your results...

    i found this years ago (maybe it was someone here at the city that first showed me it) and couldnt find it for ages... so happy i have once again found it.... first time i took it i was totally amazed to discover that after just 10 questions or so it could so acurately pinpoint where you stood politically.

    The red dot on the chart shows where you fit on the political map.

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  2. k.... we need a link to take it though, right?
  3. lol, you're making this hard on us digit.

    given the lack of link i choose i don't need a test to tell me where i stand
  4. hmm here i am

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  5. i got just a lil bit more to the right... but about the same...
  6. I scored exactly the same as digit, I think that says something about me and/or digit, dunno if it's good or not though
  7. intresting..

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  8. I'm a Libertarian.
  9. Libertarian

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  10. here is where i stand

  11. oops no pic

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  12. Here I am:

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  13. i used to score where budstuffer is... i guess my veiws musta changed somwhere alont the way.

    haha! hailchickenwing as a commie! ;p respek my ruski authorita!

    i guess we all are if we on the left tho :)

    kexin.. u scarin me with that.... if you were to beleive what "new Labour" tell us then you in the same possition as them... (but i know u dont beleive em tho)
  14. Mine is exactly where TheHempress is.
  15. hey krazi.. when u change your sig?

    i just noticed it.... has is always been that? i cant remeber anything from before
  16. Doh! No I'm not. I'm up above it one, on the black border.
    Damn short term memory loss.
  17. more liberal than hempress....

    i wonder if anyone is gonna completely hit absolute liberal... ie, anarchy! ;)

  18. I'm kinda old-fashioned for my age
  19. how old r ya?

    i'm guessin 15-25... somewhere in that fairly broad guess.

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