The World's Narrowest Car - wtf

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  1. I have the feeling that wouldn't be the safest car to experience a crash in.
  2. Damn...wonder how it takes corners...looks like it could tip over :confused:
  3. WtF!!!! You would have to squezze my ass with a tub a butter to get into that XD and if i crash the Jaws a life would literally become the Jaws of Death.
  4. Bigger doesn't always mean safer.


  5. I never said that. I just thought it would be very easy to get crushed in it if you had an accident. Trust me, I hate 4x4s unless they're being used for practical purposes, like driving around in the country.
  6. Open the sides, take away 2 wheels, and make it narrower and we'll talk.
  7. haha 0-60 in 4 and a 12 second 1/4 mile.

  8. That looks like it'd fall over in a strong wind.
  9. Yeah or if someone leaned against it haha.
  10. it's so that you can drive it through here:
  11. In a police pursuit? No problem!

    Drive straight through the mall and lose them!
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    I went to their website, and that thing is actually pretty sick when you get down to it. Packs a serious punch for such a tiny car.

    edit- check it

    [ame=""]YouTube- Tango Autocross[/ame]
  13. Imagine going 130 mph in one of those things and you hit a bump in the road. :laughing:

    [ame=""]YouTube- Tango Snow Plow (short clip)[/ame]
  14. lmfao a car that narrow going that fast is scary as hell. I would never ever go above 35 in it .
  15. I don't think tipping should be a huge issue. It appears to have a low center of gravity despite it's narrow width. This is because all the weight is under the passenger...which includes the motor and (correct me if I'm wrong) 80lbs of batteries.
    As for safety in a crash, well lets just say, don't get in one.

  16. You're right except for it's got like 800lbs of batteries. no joke, it's got 19 lead acid batteries
  17. You mean like, 30mph? Haha. I doubt those things are that fast..

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