The World's Greatest Lie

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Twilight, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Has anyone read the Alchemist? its one of the best books ever.. the worlds greatest lie is that one day we lose control over our desinty and are forever bound to one road we cannot get off of. You can't lose the control in choosing ur own Personal Legend. Everyone has one. It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life more interesting. Dreams are the language of the soul. I think pple also have to realize that the simplest things in life are the most extraoridary..anyone ever get really interested in the smallest things when on weed? i think thats why everyone in the world should try it atleats once becuase it opens your mind to so many possibilities..there is much more i can say all based on the book..i recommend it highly..its not too long either..please tell me ur opinions..thanx!!!
  2. True, when a dream is reached it becomes reality. We all have a book to write and it's called you. I was thinking the other day why is weed illegal, I mean it's a plant, and God's supposed to be the creator of life, so by criminalizing weed people are rejecting gods work, I mean it wasn't a problem until Hypocritical control freak people decided to make it a problem. But, life is a treasure
  3. ya that book is really fucking cool. i think the ending is tight as hell. it was a little too short tho.
  4. Some may call me a dreamer, but i'm not the only one.
    - John Lennon.

    Some may call me a dreamer, and i'm not the only one.
    - Spencer Gaudie. blatant plagerism!

    as for the simple things... oh shit yeah! Cosmology is fairly simple, and just think how fascinaiting that is... coincidences can be REALLY interesting too as can first times for things, no matter how seemingly insignificant. A blade of grass. the inside of a marble. the variations in bends of all your spoons and forks. A fly trapped in a spiders web. the bubbling of your pasta n sauce as it boils. the back of your hand (although that's more for mushies). the refraction of light passing through a prism. 1 note a minute ambient music. silly sounding sneezes. the glow of a spliff being toked. a crack in the ceiling. the sound of breathing. the smile of a loved one. the shape everyones roaches make. the flame of a lighter. the patterns the oils make on the inside of your bong. the way that magic mushrooms look like little boobies. the sound of the shore. the patterns and flight paths of seagulls as they search for worms behind a tracktor ploughing a feild. the textures of the world. smoke dancing and rising form a doobie. the twinkle of really crystally bud.
  5. Interesting to see how far Paulo Coelho's books went... And it's kind of funny to see him beeing respected all over the world.

    The man now has my respect. Not really as a writter... He's a kind of Mister M. to me... ahahah!

    You know, The Alchemist doesn't have a single line about real alchemy. But it's a nice tale... tops.


    :) :) :)

    P.S.: I am brazilian. I just couldn't manage to put it in my profile, don't know why. ehehe... does somebody know how I can put this information avaliable?
  6. Whats it called, The Alchemist, Hopefully barnes and noble carrys it. It sound really good, So i think I'll swing by the book store and pick it up tommorow!:)

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