The world's falling apart: I'm pumped.

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  1. Hell yeah Blades!

    Feels like we're about to reach an ultimatum, at least for this period of history.

    I don't watch the NEWS, and I usually avoid reading it. Grasscity and the glimpse I get of the Yahoo homepage are the only mainstream media sources I actually see.

    My mom tells me about stuff that's happening, and she's really scared because she thinks it's the end of the world, in the Southern Baptist Christian sense.

    I feel like World War III is right around the bend, and I hope it's a doozy. We need some kind of radical change, because the current system certainly isn't going to sustain our species for very long.

    Who knows? Maybe every last one of us will be gone and the scraps of life on Earth can evolve into a whole new array of interesting creatures for the next eons until the sun explodes. :D

    All I know is I'm excited to see (or not see) what's next.
  2. I wonder how many people are going to say that what is happening now is the end of the world. Do people realize that since Revelations was written, people, from all ages, say the end of the world is near when life seems shitty. You know what... none of them were right. I doubt this one will be true.
  3. I'm pretty sure we don't have a bomb big enough to actually destroy the bulk of the planet, but someone correct me if we do.

    Humans haven't been on the scene very long, and species go extinct all the time. But life carries on. DNA is persistent!
  4. Well I don't think it's literally the end of the world in a christian sense...

    But I DO think the current system is falling apart before our eyes, and I'm very excited about it; the absolute collapse of the current system is the only way we can set something up that is actually good and smart.

  5. Yea, the current system is falling apart rapidly. Hopefully it doesn't through the World back into the middle ages again. Shitty times... so shitty that people could not even give it a name, middle ages is the time between Rome and the Renaissance. I don't want the next error to be a waste of time like the middle ages. We need this WWIII to get over and rebuild yesterday.. yea yesterday
  6. I just hope I dont go hungry. me no like being hungry.

  7. I know, especially when I have the munchies. Munchies and no food, that shit really pisses me off
  8. I can deal with that..I've conditioned for no munchies.. so I don't over eat.. everyone remember to grab seeds... raiding the mcdonalds after the collapse wont be so easy considering the food will be rotten! (& It already is!)
  9. we can still prevent this.

  10. why should we?
  11. You guys have seen one too many "apocalyptic" movies where the guy gets the girl and live happily ever after.

    The REALITY of a WW III, would not be something anyone should be looking forward to!
    You want to see how low life could be, go to the homeless shelter/part of your city.
    Hang out for awhile.

  12. natural instinct to survive.
  13. No happy endings.

    Radical beginnings.

  14. I hope we don't succeed
  15. then your useless.

  16. you can always take the proactive a trendsetter :devious: :p
  17. I just feel certain that if things blow up and a vast portion of the human species is gone, it's going to be those with money and power that survive in secret bunkers somewhere, and those people aren't going to carry our kind in any positive direction.
  18. Bring it mother fuckers.
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    You're focusing too much on the big scale. It's your body that that's falling apart. You're going to die, so live.

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