the worlds craziest question!

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  1. hey, i just wanted to ask if the calyx thats at the node (in the little corner) does that become a bud or does it just stay 1 single calyx???
  2. it never becomes a flower... just stays the way it is... once it determines sex

    if its a boy it turns into a seed

  3. [​IMG]

    here's a good picture.... really close
  4. Males do not produce seeds, males will turn into a little stem with what looks like a ball at the end, then that ball will produce a small 5 pedaled flower and produce pollen not seeds. the calyx will stay isolated during the veg period and if your internodes are close enough together it will be joined by other calyx during flowering, if it is a single one at the base of the shoot and that internode is stretched it might stay isolated, but it should produce two little hairs.
  5. i dont quite understand what you mean by this..?
  6. Once your buds start to fill out most will be hidden as the buds fillout around them. If your buds strech enough then they will grow away from the stem and expose the single calyx's if that makes more sence
  7. so they wont become actually buds...?
  8. No they will remain single calyx's
  9. sorry, i know this has nothing to do with this thread, but how tall was your autofem??
  10. Would that be the one in my sig? I cant see it as im on my phone but if i remeber right it was the short rider? I think it was around the 1.5 / 2 foot mark
  11. yea, thanks. i have 3 fruit automatics at a little over 1 foot outside. do you think i could get an ounce from each?? i know this question is pretty stupid, but i would like some input from other auto growers (this is my first auto grow) :smoking:

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