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  1. Ok, first time grower here

    I ordered 4 seeds from Wordwide Seed Centre, aka WWMS or Worldwide Marijuana Seeds. Don't know what to expect. I won't use my credit card or debit; pretty paranoid about using it since I've never bought seeds. Spending 41$ in cash by mail. 4 seeds. Could anyone tell me what to expect? I am rather paranoid; how well will this go down? I live in NC, where it is decriminalized but still illegal. Will I get my seeds? Will I need to sign anything? Will I get arrested or have to pay a fine just for ordering seeds for personal use? I am really nervous as this is my first time, especially hearing all the bad things that can go down. Please help!!
  2. It would really be nice to know, please someone reply!
  3. Do the crime, pay the time. Lol..

    You'll be fine, it's not as if you were trying to smuggle in 10000 seed's...

    Will you get your seed's, well that's up to Custom's hey. Will you have to sign anything, depends if it was registered mail?

    Maybe next time do a little research, before doing illegal thing's:)
  4. "how well will this go down?"
    Ask this question and no one can tell you.
    Expect three weeks of anxiety attacks.
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  5. Seriously if Customs nab'em, the worst thing will be a Letter stating that they were seized.

    Ps. We "dont discus" on how our Seed's are shipped/method via stealth postage.
  6. Im pretty sure this will get the heart pumping to 200bpm...
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  7. drones have been dispatched!
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  8. .... hold on; what have you heard?
  9. I have done a lot of research the past few weeks, but some of the important questions I couldn't find such as

    Mailing cash as a payment method, what happens if the package is seized, will the police come and seize the package, etc. Basically the anxiety and panic attack part of ordering marijuana seeds. Couldn't find anything on it whatsoever. Maybe I'm just overthinking and worrying over nothing.

    I heard that if you are caught ordering seeds or caught with the package you could face 10+ years in jail time, or pay extremely high fines. Getting in trouble for doing things celebrities and politicians get away with lmao

    I've heard good and bad. The bad is what I'm worried about.
  10. Oh wait I done hecked up. I was supposed to say The Single Seed Centre not Worldwide Seed Center smh...
  11. The only thing i would worry about is the cash getting lost in the mail.
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  12. And I would worry that someone on the other end would pocket it.
    But, I've never heard anyone say that it happened to them;
    quite the contrary, I keep reading "I sent cash and I got my seeds".
    Makes me feel good to read that.
    I considered buying out of country but chose to go with someone domestic.
  13. Just learned how to insert quotes. So as long as the letter and envelope with the cash is packaged well, the money makes it to the seed firm, do you think I'll overall be alright ordering marijuana seeds?
  14. I was replying to Mechanic with the hope that you would overhear.
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  15. Yeah I read it, and I agree. I just want to know your thoughts if you think it's safe ordering marijuana seeds. The money isn't the problem for me - the law is.
  16. Oh also another question, how did you find someone to sell you seeds domestically?
  17. Yep wouldnt worry about it. Theres a section if you type in seed banks has some listed
  18. Thanks a lot!! I appreciate all the replies!
  19. I cannot, in my heart, advise someone on how to break these laws.
    I have 'the' list....
    the list that I stole and copied in part;


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