the world pisses me off

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  1. Hey guys,

    Just here to vent really, I'm having a bit of a hard time at the minute and everything's getting to me. the world is just a fucked up place and I'm starting to hate it, I like to think I'm a pretty good guy but I'm struggling to be right now. There's so many ass holes in the world and nothing nice ever seems to be successful, everything's corrupt and I hate that.
    Humans piss me off, some people are just so fucking dumb, today I was trying to fix some womans laptop remotely and she kept just working on it, like I wasn't busy trying to fix it for her, so I messaged her and she ignored it and just kept using the laptop, I wait 10 minutes, disconnect and say fuck it I tried, she complains and now I'm in trouble cos this bitch wouldn't let me do my job ffs.
    And social media fuck that shits horrible, my iPhone's like part of my body nowadays and I blame it for me being so socially retarded, I'm shit in conversation and just can't deal with people my age anymore, girls I'm awful with and it's annoying cos I used to be good at it, like popular and shit but now I'm just a pothead loser that gets paid 9-5 but works 8-7 and it takes the piss, I've had enough, I've got 3 friends that I live close to, I just go get stoned with them and it's cool but when someone asks what I did last night I have no answer, I can't say I got stoned cos these dickheads in power won't take a look at what they're doing and just legalise drugs. Then they take my money at the end of every month but won't let me be free to do what I wanna do on a Saturday night to relax.
    I fucking hate humans man I just wanna be a cat or some shit and not give a fuck.

    I don't even fucking know, I need a joint.
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  2. These all sound like problems you can fix on your own tbh
    You can't blame cellphones/social media for your present inability to talk to people.
    Move to china and become a hermit who paints landscapes  :confused_2:  
    idk what you want people to tell you lol
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  3. Pack a bowl for me smoke out. I agree 100%

    Cant wait for the robots to take over

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  4. The world pisses me off too but you have to go out of your way to find glimpses of beauty in it.
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  5. Sounds like you need a shift in your life, or at the very least, a new job. Time to take the reigns and do something different, mate. Clearly the current scenario isn't doing it for you.
    Also, this is fucking great. :laughing:
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    Humans need to knock of their stupid shit. Everybody hates everybody else and we just have to always be going to war because everyone's stupid fucking groups can't keep their fucked up, goofy ass shit to themselves. There's zillions of dooshbags that think it's their high and holy mission from god to make everyone else agree 100% with them or else die. That's so fucking primitive and stupid there aren't even words that can do it justice. How many more millenia will humans have to act like a bunch of goddam lowlife assholes?
    Edit: Holy fuck! Chill dude [​IMG]

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