the world of PSIonics

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  1. The wonderful world of psionics.

    Hello blades, try for a moment to open your mind. Open your mind to things that youve been told all your life is false.

    This my freinds is psionics. Or in laymens terms. Energy. energy is all around us. and with our brains being both the center of operations. and one giant battery. would it not make sense that we could, perhaps, control this energy?

    In my younger days. around 14/15, i played around with energy manipulation. i joined a message board of other psions. and for months practiced things which id never before then taken seriously. i hadnt had too much success. but i could almost feel as though i was teetering on the brink.

    at around 16/17 i began again, playing around with energy control and manipulation. and with a more open and focused mind. starting experiencing things on a completely new level. i had succeeded in what i believe to be a "psiball construct"(wait for the link below) and the energy i felt, is more or less undescribable.

    and now. after a couple of days of tinkering around with it. once again im close to performing a psiball. and i was hoping that perhaps you, the blades of this noble city. to practice along if you can. after all. im sure not everyone here is busy all of the time. what could it hurt just to try it out?

    for anyone interested. here is a link ive found very helpful
  2. nobody at all is interested? im surprised...
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    Not going to Lie I bookmarked that site yesterday, but you probably already know that don't you.;)

    Oh and on the Psiball technique, that is a very interesting little trick right there, and just to let you know the Energy they speak of is the Solar Plexus or the Third Chakra. This Chakra has alot to do with will power and greed as it negative counterforce, this chakra is depicted as being a sun.

    Fusion energy anybody........
  4. my basic interest in learning about psionics is that its something i can completely do in my free time. and no actually. telepathy has never actually interested me. im more into the whole star wars "force" deal with pk and energy. i dont care if it sounds fake. what else is there to do?
  5. I don't see how people can believe in this..

    I'd rather manipulate my environment through my thoughts/planning/actions than waste time on this. It's more effective, shows immediate results and works pretty well.

    I'm not trying to be an asshole but some shit just seems so out there to me.
  6. and why does it seem so out there to you? because youve never experienced?

    i bet if you had no legs. and someone told you about a land where people were walking around with legs.

    the concept of walking would seem so. out there to you. but like i said, no need to bash. its as simple as, in my freetime. this occupies me. regardless of its validity, it has to have some benifits.

    didnt the concept of being high seem so. out there? before you started smoking
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    If I had no legs I would accept it and work to better myself and learn how to function without legs.

    Life isn't about wishing, it's about doing.

    I'm not trying to insult your beliefs, I was just saying that I don't see how people can believe in it.

    You are entitled to your beliefs, and I'm entitled to my opinion. No need to argue.
  8. i dont think you got my story. if you were a species of human. with no legs. so youve never heard of legs. in your mind there non existant, and someone tells you that somewhere out there. is a land of people with two legs they walk around with. youd certainly think that to be out there
  9. Well, I can't really speak for my non-existent self ^, and neither can you.

    But seeing as how I have heard of this before, and have looked at it and still find it out there, you really have no room to speak for me.

    Like I said, You are entitled to your beliefs and I am entitled to my opinion. I'm not trying to bash your beliefs, I am merely stating my opinion.

    I'm not going to argue any more because it is simply pointless.
  10. argueing?

    i didnt consider that arguing. more. debating. like philosophy. i find nothing wrong with that. im not trying to flame you or sound like a jackass. a controversial topic deserves some controversial comments right?
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    This argument is invalid because the fact is we DONT live in different lands, we live on a little planet called EARTH. If psionic ability was real everyone would be doing it. Those bullshit New Age sites get you with the untrue fact that you're part of a "secret society" of sorts. They make you feel like you're special, until you realize that this shit is all over the internet, eBooks and all. And it's all bullshit. I'd reccomend meditation, as that has proven results unlike psionics.
  12. Thank you ^, QFT.

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