The world may be in store for a graphene makeover

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by PeacefulWarrior, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. brb investing in graphene companies.
  2. Whoa, this stuff is amazing. If they can find a way to manufacture it cheaply and simply, this may be the big. Like, the biggest revolution to industry in human history big.
  3. Thanks for the post man. Very interesting.
  4. Imagine the possibilities of this stuff. One sheet the width of plastic wrap can hold a truck. I can definitely see them building something out of it that can withstand the pressure at the deepest part of the ocean, maybe even push one of them through a black hole.
  5. Amazing! I wonder if this is the metallic blanketed material they found in the UFO crash long ago. They said it was super-thin and couldn't be cut or torn.
  6. well I was gonna say pull back on the excitment and question the quotes in that artical and then I saw who wrote it, Michio Kaku. Let's just say he gets a little over zealous with his predictions and the time lines that go with them.

    Exciting, absolutely. But keep in mind how long it was between the time that they invented the transistor and whatever point you want to use to measure it's true impact, if you want to not count everything computers have and will ever do.

  7. You're joking.....right ?
  8. that stuff sounds incredible. good find :smoke:
  9. I've seen graphene popping up more in more on my PopSci app. It's awesome how many uses they're finding for it.
  10. Not at all. Google around for "Alien crash" and "foil material".
  11. the answer is no it would not be the same material. If they did an analysis of the material (like anyone worth a damn would have) they would have seen that it's made of carbon. Most of those items are claimed to be made up of things we don't yet know of.

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