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the world is moving

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stoned_soldier, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. right when i started smoking weed my friends and i all noticed one thing. that when you walk in the city (or just a long walk) pretend that you're MAKING the world come towards you like it's one giant treadmill. like you're the centre of the Earth and you control it, if you go forwards what you're actually doing is rotating the Earth towards you but you're not actually moving cuz the Earth is round. at least 4 people i know noticed this. any of you see this?
  2. Heh. The last time I got really high was...bleh...a couple years ago. I can't say that it mattered what types of bud I smoked, either, because seedy weed got me higher than the recent kb I had. I haven't zoned out in ages, missin that classic sativa high so much :(
  3. i remember doing that with the moon....i was taking a jog and i noticed that i was getting closer to the moon, and i was kind of flying.....yeah good times...
  4. Man its crazy to think that the world is rotating thousands of miles an hour round and round and round. Holy shit Im dizzy. And high as heeeeell. yes.
  5. When I was a kid, I would look into the relections in puddles, and imagine that I was looking into a parallel dimension, where everything is a mirror of ours.

  6. BPP, loves looking at the moon ...l undrestand loking at the river..l love it

    as a kid l would get car hoods and float down riner looking up at the sky.

    l will retire by the river for sure my friend ..

    Water bsby :D
  7. for me it seems like all matter and reality is just being sttttrrreeeeeettcccchhhedd and as i walk/run and look at an object like a tree about 30 feet away, it takes me forever to get there, and seems like the tree is slowly coming at me while everything on my sides/peripheral vision is moving past me at a thousand miles per hour. consequently, i sometimes just randomly run down hallways or at objects when i'm baked (and some tell me its so "annoying" they want to "beat the shit out of me"...?)
  8. Hi guys, first post.

    Anyway, I read the thread and I, too have had the sensation that I was on a planet-sized treadmill. Intriguingly trippy.

    Some other of my favorite sensations when i'm stoned out on my ass are:

    Losing all track of time, I mean seriously. After smoking and eating almost two ounces, my friend and I were very lazily riding around the neighborhood and I swear, everytime I looked over at him it suprised the hell out of me that he was still driving, that it wasn't nightfall yet or that we hadn't reached wherever it was we were going. Every five seconds i'd do this, and it was always the same trip. I laughed my ass off.

    Sometimes I get the feeling that my pupils are contracting the point where its possible to see my own eyelids. (this is that dangerously-close-to-passing-out level) I'll close my eyes and try to trace the lines of the nerves in my eyelids, then wig out because the very idea of something on my eyeballs just freaks me out.

    And my all-time favorite trip is when I start to lose sensation in my extremities. I'll be typing on a newsgroup and it'll just gooiajceoijaoiceacehd as my fingers start flopping around the keyboard. :) I love it!

    I remember the first time I ever smoked out, I was staring at a Gateway computers newspaper circular with the slogan "sounds like a good idea" on it. The circular was upside down so of course the 'sounds' looked like 'spunos' and I must have stared at the 'spunos' for a half an hour, trying to decipher some hidden meaning. Then I ate a box of Kix and passed out.
  9. Yeah i have also had that weird turning with the world shit when i was stoned out on the side of a pool while fishing,Was a cooool sensation

  10. gotta love that feeling..... it's great
  11. You know what would be really cool? Is to go somewhere
    where you can lay down on the ground with nothing around
    you, so there's nothing in your peripheral vision, and just look
    up at the stars. It'd be like you were falling into the universe.

  12. Yea, but if your trippin.... don't try and cross over face first...test it with your hands, or toes.....
    you don't wanna be found there the next day too...

  13. Naw, it must be a long term tolerance!! :(

    I stopped for 7 Months to try and get a semblance of my old buzzes back... then again, I could have just been tokin on subpar kb. I'm thinking its that only sativas really make me zone out, but if its got a little indica to take the edge off the paranoia it would be perfect. Also seems that when I smoke, it takes 3 hits to get a decent buzz, but after that the high doesn't really elevate much...which is why I got a bubbler from the City. If I can't get high off of 3 hits in a pipe, I'll just fill and clear the bubbler a few times and see what that amounts to...hopefully a straight-up baked feeling, and the old zonin' out to music I miss so much.

    ..ah, but first is the issue of meeting more folks around my area... problem is, I've had so many issues with shady people even that seems like a challenge sometimes.
    But, I'll give these locals a chance...they seem to be cooler than the folks I used to run with.

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